Jurong Bird Park is ready for a fabulous spring and Easter - A Perfect Time to Visit!

I’m very happy being me, although sometimes I’d love to be a bird so that I could fly.

Joy Fielding

Like a small flock of colourful Rainbow Lorikeets, my family and I swooped down on Jurong Bird Park (JBP) recently to celebrate Spring and to introduce the young Mr C to the joys of avian life. Where better to start him on a lifetime of appreciating birds than at “Asia’s Largest Bird Paradise” – Celebrating 50 Years of Flying High!” right here in Singapore?  Part of the Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the park is a venerable part of nature education on the island. Sure it’s a kick to walk through bird habitats listening to their multitudinous songs and watching their aerobatics on high, but it is also a comfort to know that Jurong Bird Park is an important centre for bird research.

Throughout April, the Park’s songbird Terrace is transformed into an Easter-themed playground where visitors can grab an egg from the tree and let the creativity flow to decorate in their own special way. The Terrace is a good place to embark on a tour of the park. There is plenty going on all over JBP. 

That’s where we began our journey through the world of birds. Then it was on to the JBP50 Jubilee Maze. What fun to lose ourselves and each other in the twists and turns of the giant maze answering trivia questions along the way to find the secret way out. Adding a couple of strollers to the maze was no problem. In fact, it made the path through the forest more exciting.

At the Flamingo Lodge, there is an Easter Brunch menu that lasts the first ten days of April. Of curse, you’ll find eggs of many descriptions, but also tasty fare to appeal to all ages.

Here are some of the special JBP events for this season of rebirth and rejuvenation – just what we all need after a year of trouble and trepidation. They are designed mainly for youngsters, but anybody willing to ride the air currents can join in the fun.

  • Ready, Set, Egg Hunt! –  First design your own bird-lie mask then set forth on a hunt for colourful eggs. Stickers, pins, and a special Golden Egg Prize are part of an intriguing hunt.
  • JPB50 Egg-static Trail – A continuation of the Ready, Set, Egg Hunt, the trail includes a digital map pointing the way for explorers to find GIANT EASTER EGGS completing fun tasks along the way.
  • Easter Playtime – Speaking of giant Easter eggs, there are plenty more here that to be customized and added to the Golden Jubilee Tree. Differently-abled artists have added their creations to the mix, as well. Diversity flourishes!
  •  Easter Weekend Pop-up – “Flock to the Shops!” to find a great assortment of souvenirs, plushies, and collectables to remember your day with the birds.

For older visitors and caregivers, the park has a multitude of informative signage highlighting various species and habitats, there is also explanations of the work done by the Breeding and Research Centre and its ongoing conservation efforts. The only park in the Asia Pacific Region to have an Avian Hospital. Jurong Bird Park cares for and promulgates rare species like the Oriental Pied Hornbill, Birds of Paradise, and Santa Cruz Ground Doves. 

Welcome to the life of birds, Mr C, family, and friends. Please return for the special events!

For more information, please visit: www.birdpark.com.sg/jbp50

Research and writing help by JKJ

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