Keep your child protected & cool this Stay Home period with BZU BZU’s kids cooling series

Local holistic brand, BZU BZU recently released its specially designed Kids Cooling Series, which consists of its Fresh Cooling Kids Shampoo, Silky Soft Kids Shampoo, Happy Kids Body Wash, and their most recent award-winning Cooling Baby Lotion and Cooling Baby Powder.

Parents tend to wonder at what age do they transit their children’s showering essentials, and should they even let their children use adult products on a body that’s needs are still ever-changing. They would look up the market to see what the recommendations for kids are, but there are almost zero products in the market specially curated for their kids’ age groups.

BZU BZU is derived from the French word, ‘ bisou ’ and is pronounced as bee-zoo, as inspired by a gentle mother’s kiss. BZU BZU is the first brand to have products curated specially for each age group. The age group ranges from the infants and toddlers between 0 – 3 years old, kids from 4 – 12 years old, and there is also something for the whole family!

With the current COVID-19 situation evolving in Singapore, children are staying home to do home-based learning. It is just as important to keep them clean, refreshed, and ready to study in the comforts of their own home like they would when they were still attending school. The recent humidity amidst the rain has also caused everyone to feel sticky and discomfort, especially since there are so many people are home now! The heat can cause skin irritation and rashes, which babies and children are a lot more susceptible to.

BZU BZU’s newly launched Kids Cooling Series is ideal for our region’s hot and humid weather as it helps to soothe and calm any heat rashes or skin irritants for your child. On top of that, a child’s scalp is more vulnerable and prone to further sensitivity and irritation. The different needs would require a more curated type of shower series for them. BZU BZU’s Kids Cooling Series also addresses the needs a child may have, and keep them cool, refreshed and protected during this period.

The Fresh Cooling Kids Shampoo is launched with the boys and girls with short hair in mind. It is also designed for children with sensitive scalp and oily hair, as it contains Melissa Balm Mint, which has a soothing and calming effect for the sensitive scalp. For the ones who have sensitive scalps, there is Vitamin B5 that helps to rebuild hair shafts. It is a gentle, minty concoction that cleanses and removes excess sebum and dirt, soothes and protects the scalp and hair, leaving the little one’s scalp feeling refreshed and cool all day long.

Fresh Cooling Kids Shampoo is priced at 200ML for S$5.20 and 600ML for S$10.50.

Girls with longer hair length will be thrilled to know that there is a shampoo catered for their long hair needs! The Silky Soft Kids Shampoo is targeted specifically for girls with longer hair with added conditioner, designed to smooth out frizzy and protect & nourish fragile hair. The 3 main ingredients which helps keeps the hair healthy and shiny are Milk Protein – which aids in restructuring and healing hair, Vitamin E – boosts hair with a healthy glow, adding shine and swish, and Vitamin B5 – helps to rebuild hair shafts.

Silky Soft Kids Shampoo is priced at 200ML for S$5.20 and 600ML for S$10.50.

Children with sensitive skin can now cleanse effectively and gently with the Happy Kids Body Wash! It is enriched to provide rejuvenation and ecological protection to the skin, thanks to ingredients such as Vitamin C, which aids in skin-healing properties, accelerating production of collagen, keeps the skin plump and firm, and prevents skin discoloration, and a premium blend of tropical fruits extracts like mango, which offers sun protection, soothe sunburned and/or itchy skin and blemishes, papaya, which contain enzymes to make complexion glow and protect from sun damage, and pineapples for their cleansing properties. The body wash aids to provide rejuvenation and ecological protection to the skin and build the skin’s natural defense system.

Happy Kids Body Wash is priced at 200ML for S$4.60 and 600ML for S$9.90.

A child’s skin is much thinner than an adult’s, and it tends to lose moisture, become more drier and more sensitive easily. The great news is that BZU BZU’s award-winning Cooling Baby Lotion and Cooling Baby Powder leaves a refreshing and cooling sensation on the skin, whilst soothing and rehydrating the skin. They were recently awarded the Best Skincare Range on SuperMom’s Annual SuperMom Awards 2021, who seeks to only recognize the best products, brands and services from every mummy’s favorite, and most innovative and robust products that best fits the needs of all parents and babies!

Clinically formulated specifically for newborn and suitable for kids and the family, the Cooling Baby Lotion contains hero ingredients such as Yuzu Ceramide which aids in healing and provides deep moisturizing, Algae to improve hydration and maintain suppleness as well as Okura to prevent dehydration. Made from natural ingredients and leaves no sticky residue, the Cooling Baby Lotion is perfect to apply after bath, during the day, in an airconditioned environment or outdoors and before sleeping to ensure your child is comfortable and protected. With the added iconic BZU BZU Calming Scent, it can improve the quality of your child’s sleep and keeps your child calm throughout the night, which gives you a restful sleep as well.

Cooling Baby Lotion is priced at S$6.90 for 200ML.

The Cooling Baby Powder is made from natural corn starch. Unlike talcum powder which can potentially cause a series of skin issues for your baby and is carcinogenic, BZU BZU’s Cooling Baby Powder uses corn starch which is a natural food ingredient and has the same properties of talcum powder to keep the skin dry and fend off diaper rash. One of the first in the market, the Cooling Baby Powder comes with a cotton sponge applicator that is free from fluorescent which is a whitening agent that can cause skin irritant.

The Cooling Baby Powder contains Allantoin, which effectively helps to reduce redness on baby’s bottom and absorbs any extra wetness at the nappy area. Enriched with Evening Primrose, Jiou (Rehmannia Root) and Peach Leaf Extract, it is designed to leave a refreshing and soothing sensation on the skin.

Cooling Baby Powder is priced at S$4.50 for 140g.

BZU BZU’s Kids Cooling Series is available at selected Hao Halal Hub, selected Haomart outlets, Haomart MEGASTORE, Haomart EXCELLENTE, selected Mothercare outlets, selected Sheng Siong outlets, selected PRIME outlets and online at LazMall, Mummy’s Market, Shopee Mall, and We Love Supermom.

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