LUX women ready to Ignite The Spark

  • Lux collaborates with global fragrance expert, Calice Becker, on new Lux Classic Collection
  • Spark Couple, Andrea De Cruz and Pierre Png, unveils secrets to igniting the Spark
SINGAPORE – Iconic beauty brand Lux unveiled its new collection of fine fragrance skin treats today at the House of Lux Singapore, inspiring women to feel fabulous and telling them the time has come for them to set the world ablaze.
Lux is dedicated to delighting women with fragrances composed by the world’s best perfume experts. After all, we know that when a woman feels beautiful, she behaves differently – she radiates an allure that attracts those around her, and has the confidence to Ignite the Spark with her significant other.
 Lux invests in top quality ingredients and works with the world’s best perfumers to compose luxurious fragrances and indulgent shower experiences. The new Lux Classic Collection was unveiled by Calice Becker, global fine fragrance expert and composer of Lux Soft Touch. As the nose behind celebrated fragrances like Beyond Paradise, J’adore, Lola, Tommy Girl and Kilian, amongst many others, Calice is a legend in her own right.
“I wanted to create something really beautiful, feminine and particularly empowering. This perfume was created with a lot of ambition to enable women to aim for the stars!”
Women are no wallflower
Women across the globe are ready to set the world – and their partners’ passions – on fire. To uncover the secrets around Igniting the Spark, Lux conducted the Spark Research with more than 3,000 women in seven countries: Singapore, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and South Africa.
When it comes to their relationships, the Lux Spark Research reveals that globally, almost three quarters (68%) of women are constantly thinking about ways to ignite the spark between themselves and their partners.
In Singapore, the research highlights that our ladies are no wallflower either. Igniting the Spark matters to more than half our women (66%) – and they’ll work for it! 4 out of 5 of our women are happy to take things into her own hands and be the one to start the fireworks.
Igniting the inner Spark
For years we’ve been told that a fantastic outfit starting with gorgeous lingerie can make us feel fabulous, but the Lux Spark Research shows that the feeling starts even before that. When asked what would give them the confidence to Ignite the Spark, our women revealed that the ultimate confidence boost is having irresistible, touchable skin that radiates softness, with nearly half citing soft skin as their top confidence booster (45%).
Equally, wearing a favourite fragrance is an essential ingredient for women to feel confident enough to ignite the spark with their partner. On average, 40% of women feel their scent boosts their confidence more than any other factor. The great news is that Lux provides women with both divine fragrance and touchably soft skin, to help them feel fabulously feminine.
“The findings of the Lux Spark Research showed us women around the world associate igniting the spark with beautiful fragrance and touchably soft skin,” said Susanne Arfelt, Marketing Manager, Unilever Singapore.
“The new Lux Collection gives seductively soft and fragrant skin that inspires and empowers women everywhere to ignite the Spark in their relationships.”
Lux Spark Couple
Celebrity Spark Couple Andrea De Cruz and Pierre Png, whose relationship has thrilled Singapore over the years with their passionate love story and strong relationship, are Singapore’s golden couple when it comes to keeping the Spark ignited.
Andrea on her Spark with husband Pierre, “Our ‘Spark’ boils down to enjoying each moment and being romantic whenever time allows us to be together. And for us ladies, putting in that extra effort to make ourselves look good and feel our best gives us a great confidence boost to initiate physical closeness to keep the Spark alive.”
“After being married for 11 years now, it is important to remember not to take each other for granted. I still do everything that’s within my means and power to make sure Andrea feels loved and supported her in all her endeavours, and that includes reminding her how beautiful she is when she’s confident,” says Png.
Infused with delicate floral notes and moisturising SilkEssence™, Lux’s new classic body wash moisturises and scents in a way that leaves a woman’s skin irresistible to touch. It only takes a few moments in the shower or bath to instantly revel in the range’s indulgent new scents. Lux Velvet Touch’s exotic floral top notes and musky, warm finish, and Lux Soft Touch’s seductive floral bouquet of rose, freesia, jasmine and mimosa help create the effortlessly feminine confidence that easily ignites the spark.
Secrets to Igniting the Spark everyday
  • Lux Lovers are more in tune with their senses and know that adding a favourite scent to soft skin boosts their self-confidence. Add a sassy outfit, stylishly-coiffed hair, and perhaps a beloved accessory or two and you’ve created the perfect equation for igniting the Spark!
  • More and more these days, couples are spending quality time together. To increase your chances of time together with your loved one, try LUXuriating in body wash that richly softens and elegantly scents your skin, so he just won’t bear to be apart from you.
  • Don’t let a lack of confidence in knowing how to keep the Spark alive keep you from discovering bold ways to cultivate romance and fun. Add this simple habit to keep the romance lit: commit to one evening a week just for the two of you – no work, no family and friends, no sorting finances, no hobbies, no phones – just the two of you and the spark can only thrive!
The New Lux Collection is available in 950ml and 200ml bottles and 85g bars nationwide and priced at S$9.50, S$3.00 and S$2.95 respectively.
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