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Brought #baby Desiree to choose 2 dresses from @ministryofbaby at #internationalplaza ??? #cuteness overload.

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Questions answered by Jeffrey Ong, founder and owner of Ministry of Baby.

1) How long have MOB been around?

MOB was established on Jan 1997. Before that, we were selling through pushcart.

2) What inspired you to start MOB?

As we were discussing that we love to dress up our niece and nephew, we got a phone call from our sister telling us that she intended to give birth to her third baby on Labour Day by Caesarean.

Then she jokingly congratulated us on a new baby to be dressed up and we should set up a Ministry to manage their outfits. Hence, we coined the name Ministry Of Baby.

3) Which is the 3 most odd encounters with parents?

Odd encounters/observation/my 2 cents worth…

a) There a few different kind of parents.

Some kids are more restrictive. Conforms to parents saying, “Don’t touch this don’t touch that” or too busy shutting them up by letting them play their mobile or ipads.

Either that or they just don’t bother while the child roams around and making the shop place messy because they think they deserve it because they are buying something.

Some parents are quieter in their actions but they interact with their kids. Better well-behaved not because they are restrictive but they tend to have more respect values. A sense of respect and responsibility towards other people’s thing are understood.

Some parents tend to let their kids explore but remind them they should be responsible for their actions. Parents are close enough to observe but still let them enjoy the freedom to explore.

Hence, creativity is more cultivated. Questions are asked and knowledge is accepted. Children’s communication between strangers is
better. They are more receptive towards stranger’s response. Social skills are nurtured. It is something that can’t be taught by the books.

Generally, we should instill the better values of different kind of parents, accept the good, amend the restrictive habits and improve on
communication. Social skill is an art that needs development especially in the ever-presence of zero-interaction in our kids today. Social media communicates but doesn’t connect real values.

This is a general overview. There are better ones and then, they are ones who can be nightmarish!

b) Buying newborn clothings

Majority parents have the tendency to buy clothes that are over-sized. Instead of buying actual sizes 0-3 months, they would buy 6
months and above.

Friends and colleagues will be thinking the same too…buying 6 months and above. In the end, the newborn has too much clothes but not the
correct clothes size to wear.

We had a lot of incidents where the wife after giving birth asked the mother, husband or their sisters to buy smaller sizes 0-3 months.

The majority opinion is the baby will grow very fast but there are 30 days in a month. There are not enough fitting clothes for the baby to wear because all the given and bought clothings are too big. The washed clothes won’t have enough time to dry before the baby needs a change of clothes. New born babies change their clothes frequently in a day.

c) My child doesn’t wear collared shirts or polo tees. If your kid only wears round collars and t-shirt, how do you explain in school?
School shirts have collars. They wear it every day! Ermmm… strange
4) Is there anything else you would like to add?

If your child look good, you look good.

#baby Dylan had his fair share of 2 outfits from @ministryofbaby. He was so shy when we did #selfie. ??

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Ministry of Baby
Tel: 6223 3172
10 Anson Road
International Plaza
Mon – Fri :11:30am – 7:30pm
Sat: 11:30 – 4:30pm

Here are some baby clothes you can get from MOB. (Baby boy is 3 months and baby girl is 2 years old)





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