Modgeek Redefines Clothing, Happiness, Sustainability, and Mindfulness

Janiqueel has a look at a unique option for “using” (not “buying”) clothes – Modgeek.

Clothes are not a frivolous subject, and the conversation around them should not be belittled. How we dress affects what we feel, what we do, and who we are.

Sinead Burke

“MODGEEK” is a quirky name for a distinctive product. Like its name, Modgeek is something else again. Allison, founder of Modgeek was good enough to answer several of Janiquel’s questions about her very different approach to appealing apparel. First, the name. What??

“I wanted a name that resonates with style (mod) and intelligence (geek). Modgeek is not just about fashion and looking good. It’s everything in-between, acquiring knowledge, sustainability; the nerdy, intricate parts of it.”

Do you see what I mean? This is something new in Singapore’s fashion industry. Something else again.

It works like this: 

  • Choose a plan – Starter – monthly, Plus – 3 months, Platinum – annual. Each gradient offers lower prices for longer subscriptions.
  • Receive a box with three of the fashions you’ve chosen from the online catalogue. 
  • Wear the choices as many times as you wish within the month. The clothes are carefully pressed before shipping to you. No washing needed before you return.
  • Call Modgeek for pickup at the end of the month. Delivery and pickup are free. 
  • Repeat for next month.

You’ve used the styles. You’ve felt great and empowered looking and feeling good, My Friend. AND you have done a small bit to promote sustainability in your own life. Googling “clothing waste” will churn up many articles on how much textile waste – clothing, in particular, is generated globally. It’s an eye-opener. To think that you can proudly wear the fashions for a month, then give someone else a chance to look great in the same garments is revolutionary. You go, Allison!

Speaking of the styles, we asked Allison how the clothes were chosen “…to fit and flatter Asian skin tones and sizes.” As you might expect, Allison had a cogent reply.

“Modgeek picks colours catered for neutral, warm and olive skin tone, which is predominant for Asian women.

We design the length of dresses and pants to fit the average Singapore woman’s height. So the clothes don’t wear down the physique.

We design necklines, cut-outs and slits to suit our culture.

The cut of the clothes, e.g.: highlight curves at precise parts of the body, higher waistline to create the illusion of longer legs.”

Presented by style, the catalogue contains pictures and descriptions as well as sizes. Have a look at my first three picks and see if you agree with my taste:

  • Kayley one Shoulder Midi Top – something casual for a night at the movies or a quick bite with friends.
  • Halter Neck Bell Sleeve Romper – short, ruffled, with a devil-may-care attitude. Gonna wear this dancing.
  • Shannon Lace Cheongsam Dress – Asian-influence is unmistakable. Suitable at any time, but especially right for CNY.

Choosing, ordering, then getting the box form modgeek is a thrill. 

I think Allison is on to something important here. I think you will agree. Modgeek is much more than a clothing supplier. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it seeks to be a happiness enhancer, as well. “…modgeek is about unlocking YOUR secrets and potential. Redefining yourself inside out has never been this stylishly fun.” Who is the typical modgeek subscriber? “A free-spirited woman who’s inspired by style, courageous to live her dream, seeks meaning in life and is conscious about the environment.” One who, as well as subscribing to one of the easy-to-use plans subscribes, as well, to the modgeek mission:

modgeek aims to be a modern, collective sanctuary of peace, hope and discovery. It’s a place where women are connected by sustainable fashion and find knowledge to enhance their physical and spiritual well-being.

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