Moore Maxxam reviews: Made to Move and Grow with Your Young Bounder

Janiqueel and Mr C try out Moore Maxxam garments combining feel, flexibility and simplicity.

The simplicity of the garment gives a blank canvas to be moulded by each Childs uniqueness.

Iona Clive, co-founder of Moore Maxxam

The Celebrated Mr C strolled to the park on Saturday. Fashionable as always, he sported a Moore Maxxam Ripple Play in Moss green. So comfortable, the way it stretches in every direction as he runs and jumps and plays, rolling and cartwheeling (sort of) and imitates the judo moves he’s learned at the dojo. A mom, like Janiqueel, has to be ever alert and active herself to keep up with his endless supply of energy. The clothes he wears have to be ready for this high-end workout, as well.

Asked about the palindromic name, ‘MAXXAM’, ever-helpful Iona Clive gave an explanation that explains of the derivation that encompasses the unique properties of the fabric itself. Just look at that name – M-A-X-X-A-M. It stretches. Turn it around. Same name; M-A-X-X-A-M. Like the fabric, the name adapts itself to circumstances. Keeping it simple and easy, Moore Maxxam come in two sizes, two fabrics, and two styles. The hard work is choosing the colour from choices such as kaboom, Custard, Tang, Pow, Lollipop, Moss, Zest, and Fizz to name just some of the options. Mr C’s Moss Ripple seems the perfect choice for a young nature-lover. But, to reiterate, all the colours are vibrant, festive, and playful. NOT an easy choice.

“The physical horizontal and vertical contraction and expansion of the fabric is why the cloth was trademarked as MAXXAM.” Both WAVE and RIPPLE are stretchable (to say the least) and seamless. I want one! Moore and Maxxam, please make your next move into adult sizes. I already have a wish list ready.

Invented by co-founder, Rosemary Moore, both fabrics are pleasing to the touch as well as the eye. RIPPLE is a smoother, finer, denser cloth which is perfect as an outer shell atop other play clothes. “Protective; Supportive.” Premiered in 1980, WAVE is the signature fabric for Moore Maxam. With a deliciously wavy surface, it is lighter than WAVE. Bouncier. Mr C has a WAVE PLAY in the extremely sassy Kaboom colour. One word – STYLE!

With an eye on their conscious actions, Moore Maxxam makes some of their fashions from OFF-CUTS. That is, by gathering pieces of cloth cut away from the manufacture of garments, and sorting them by size – big enough to for a whole garment – and damage-free, the pieces are used to make the sporty final products. Packaging and manufacture, too, are designed to make as small a carbon footprint as possible. The designs are as comfortable on the conscience as they are on the skin.

Like his mother, the celebrated Mr C is not getting any younger. But unlike most of her wardrobe, his stretchy play clothes are ready for the long (say, 3-4 years) haul. And by the time he has, alas, grown out of his WAVES and RiPPLES, Moore MAXXAM will have moved into the adult market.


For more info, head over to Moore Maxxam.

Writing help by JKJ

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