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Ever been to a club or house party and felt like all the girls there, including yourself, were dressed almost alike? Then it’s time for you to get acquainted with Queen Ginya. This boutique is more than just a clothes mill; it’s a place you can go to get a new lease on life, a genuine lifestyle and fashion trendsetter rolled into one!

Check out the new piece I picked out at Queen Ginya recently. It’s a gorgeous cape made out of exquisite French lace that is simply to die for! This beautiful cape comes in four exciting colours: electric blue, yellow, red and green. I chose the electric blue one, which I feel is both striking and stylish. You are sure to stand out at any event if you come draped in this one-of-a-kind lace cape.

The cape is meant to be worn over the shoulders and pairs well with many different pieces; it can even be ideal for the office. This unique piece emphasises a woman’s shoulders, giving you a powerful and edgy silhouette that will impress all around you. As I mentioned earlier, this cape can be worn to work when paired with a pencil skirt. Transition seamlessly from the office to the club with a versatile piece such as this. You can even accessorise with a sensual brooch or statement necklace for different looks.

Besides the distinctive and stunning clothes available at Queen Ginya, you will be pleasantly surprised at the shopping experience that this exclusive boutique offers. The assistants at Queen Ginya are more like fashion consultants than just sales assistants with their wide-ranging knowledge on current trends and the latest looks. They are ever willing to guide you through their shop space and advise you on what to get based on your personal preferences. They even helped me to spend wisely as I am the type who can never make up my mind and usually end up getting many items that I just don’t use. But at Queen Ginya, with the help of their knowledgeable staff, I ended up getting only the pieces that I really wanted and looked great in. It’s like having a personal shopper without the extra cost! I certainly felt pampered and you will too!

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