Paul Immigrations Reviews: Guidance for PR Process

The waters of Singapore bureaucracy can seem turbid and roiled to a first-time sailor. Navigating them successfully is a challenge. Fortunately, there is help at hand – Paul Immigrations. 

Therein resides a one-stop resource devoted solely to helping applicants steer a course to success. 

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Mission, Vision

Guiding foreigners through the waters to gain the best possible status to live and work in Singapore is the raison d’etre of Paul Immigrations. Established in 2016, with a staff of 100+, and over 150,000 satisfied clients, the company, a market leader,  provides a firm foundation on which to build a future in the Garden City-State. Their role is to provide expert assistance, insight, and advice to users in understanding the process.  One visit to the sparkling, minimally designed offices in Suntec City evinces a sense of efficiency, friendliness, and commitment to the job at hand – helping foreigners gain a competitive edge in the highly-charged world of
Singapore business.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Services

Striving to make the process understandable and minimally intimidating, the company bases their approach on six key services:

  1. Offering advice and guidance into the process based on their extensive record of expertise and experience. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and insight. The staff is trained to counsel applicants as to the best way to gain success. Recognizing that each person has her/his unique needs and backgrounds, the company prides itself on a personal approach – progressively more personal as the application process proceeds.
  2. Organizing all necessary documents can be the downfall of many applicants. Knowing which documentation to include, then putting them into a logical order is no mean feat. here, professional “hand-holding” is essential to the comfort and well-being of customers. Again, each applicant will have her/his particular issues with documentation – experienced professional help to the rescue! 
  3. Preparing additional documents can be aggravating, especially when one hopes all is in order. Depending on the country of citizenship, educational or work experience, and personal history, additional information is often, although not always, called for. What is needed, where to find it, and how to present it is an invaluable service to one not as familiar with the process as the staff at the firm.
  4. Crafting personalized cover letters in a style best suited for the purpose, especially if one is unfamiliar with what might be essential, is a particular skill. It is a relief, then, to know that help is at hand to write an introductory letter presenting the key points of the applicant’s case. Giving the assurance that this part of the job is professionally and correctly accomplished is a major factor in the process.
  5. Leading you through the process, an Immigrations Specialist (IS) assigned to each case takes over at this point to address individual concerns or needs and to ensure that procedures are followed. Here, having a person devoted to an individual’s case is a great aid in reducing confusion and anxiety.
  6. Minimizing hassle and time wastage when a foreigner is eager to conclude the paper-work and submit the application is especially important knowing that the essentials have been addressed and the application is done in a professional manner. Any professional, especially one eager to get on with this new phase of employment wants to see results sooner rather than later. That result is never instantaneous, but, with competent help, the wait can be significantly reduced.

The Process Timeline

How does it work? Basically the process follows a six-step process employing the services, above. Four to six months – from initial contact to the final result – is a realistic time-frame for the service. Of course, this time can vary but one can expect to know their status in a half-year.

  • STEP ONE – An Interview via Telephone Call initiates the process. Here, information regarding the type of pass the prospective client currently holds, family ties, if any, to Singapore the status of any pending immigration applications, as well as age, current or expected salary, and the number of times that income tax has been paid.
  • STEP TWO – An In-Person Appointment to follow up on the details provided in the telephone interview – correct work pass being held and a review of the completed profile to determine the likely success of an application. The meeting will also present factors that may affect the application such as Assessment of qualification, the annual quota for approved PR applications, the political climate in Singapore at the time of application, and the estimated difficulty of success.
  • STEP THREE – Request for documents which will be compiled and examined by an IS to determine that all is in order. These documents can be delivered personally or, in most cases, scanned and submitted online. 
  • STEP FOUR – The IS guides the client to complete the remaining paperwork including an application form and cover letter (based on a completed questionnaire to spell out the client’s profile and commitment to the community and particular skill sets. 
  • STEP FIVE – The IS guides the client to submit the application either online or with an in-person meeting.
  • STEP SIX – The outcome of the application typically takes four to six months. Once the result is known, the IS will consult either to offer congratulations or to determine the next course of action.

Gaining permanent resident status is undoubtedly an onerous proposition. That said, the difficulties can be significantly minimized with experienced professional help. That guidance is what Paul Immigrations is all about. With a large staff and a commitment to service of the individual, the company bases its reputation on timely, friendly, and competent assistance on a one-at-a-time face-to-face philosophy.

The journey to the calm waters of a career in Singapore starts with a visit to Paul Immigrations.

Once contact is established, a telephone interview is scheduled and the process begins guided at every step by the team. Here are some questions you might have for the representative you talk with:

  • Should I seek PR status?
  • What will it cost?
  • Why work with a service like Paul Immigrations?
  • Are my wife and I both eligible?
  • Do we need to apply separately?
  • How does PR status affect taxes?
  • How personal is the service?

All the best in your endeavours!

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