Powered By Nature. Creating Change. Being Kind. That’s COCONUT MATTER!

Janiqueel has a look at cosmetics, home and body care products that have you and the environment in mind.

In the garden of gentle sanity,
May you be bombarded by coconuts of wakefulness. 

Chogyam Trungpa

Coconut oil comes from many places and is a little different depending on its source. At Coconut Matter, though, they are convinced that the oil from the Solomon Islands is unique. “Cold-pressed by hand from coconuts to oil within 60 minutes of harvest, it is simply the purest and freshest,” says Diane, the founder of this unique company and its unique products.

From skincare to cosmetics, to household products, Coconut Matter is a company devoted to change in the way we take care of ourselves and in the way we take care of the world. Based on a triad of principles, it strives to make a difference in the way we live and the way we approach our environment;

Powered by Nature

The COSMOS Standard counsels the decisions made in deriving natural products. From sourcing to harvesting to manufacturing the standard helps ensure that the products are derived ethically and result in safe, clean, effective personal care products.

Saving the Planet

The environment matters to Coconut Matter. In fact, care for the earth is a guiding principle of the company. Packaging, for instance drastically reduces the use of plastics, often obviating them entirely. Manufacturing, design and shipping take into consideration the impact on the earth of each step. Resulting in products delivered to the consumer in a way that lessens waste and promotes sustainability.

Being Kind

No animal testing! That’s so encouraging, isn’t it? Lab rats, rejoice. Rejoice, to you consumers who want to feel good about the products we buy and use. Another kindness is the improved lives of the people of the Solomon Islands who benefit directly from the husbandry and harvesting involved in the raw product. In extracting coconut oil, for instance, the husks are used in gardening, stock feed, and fuel. Nothing’s wasted. So much is gained.

Janiqueel was happy to try three of the premier products that exemplify the triad of values behind their creation: Eco Repel, Hand Balm, and Body Butter.


uses red sap from the Sumatran Dragon blood tree as a key ingredient. It uses neither DEET nor other synthetic chemicals. Instead, it relies on Javanese citronella. As far as insects are concerned, you disappear after applying Eco Repel. The bugs may hover hungrily around you, but they daren’t land. Let them find their bloody snack elsewhere! Formed into a stick the solid repellent is easily applied to leave a refreshing feel and lemony scent. Should you miss a spot and receive a bite, Eco repel offers instant relief. The packaging is fully compostable and plastic-free, thanks.


uses lavender oil. Complemented with Jojoba and, you guessed it, wild virgin coconut oil. The balm is a boon for dry, cracked hands. Founder, Diane suffered from dermatitis and finds hand balm a great relief. Its cute little tin tucks neatly into a handbag or pocket so you needn’t be without it – ever again!


uses ylang ylang, lavender, mango, and mandarin oils to calm, soothe, and hydrate your skin. Smooth and non-greasy, it absorbs quickly. Made without water, a little goes a long, long way. Like Hand Balm, it comes in a tin (larger than the Hand Balm one) so, once again,  no worries about plastic waste.

Even though the Covid situation has made the production of Coconut Matter a bit more tricky, the brave company has persisted and is ready for the new normal day for its business. It’s a company that is succeeding and that deserves to be.

You can visit www.coconutmatter.com for more about their products.

Research and writing help from JKJ.

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