Roaming Man Wi-Fi Router Rave Reviews

My restless, roaming spirit would not allow me to remain at home very long.

– Buffalo Bill Cody

A look at two new portable mobile roaming routers available in Singapore. has written previously about the Changi Recommends Wi-Fi router. I was well satisfied with the service it provided both on the road and at home in SingTown. As one might have expected, there is new competition for those who travel and need to be connected without the hassle of buying and changing SIM cards and with the assurance of reliable connections at reasonable prices. Enter Roaming Man. Let’s have a look.

First of all, as I said before there are advantages to both mobile routers, namely:

  • They remove the hassle of trying to choose the best SIM card plan at a busy, unfamiliar airport while struggling with luggage and coping with nascent jet-lag;

  • There is no doubt about hidden costs, adequate coverage, complicated options or adding roaming to one’s existent mobile plan – with the mobile routers, it is all up-front;

  • Connectivity to multiple devices – no problem – in a group, everyone uses;

  • Portability is assured with the small size device – about as big as a power pack.


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Based on where in the world you are traveling to and for how long, the router plans are based on a fixed price. On my last trip, first to Hong Kong where I found a great new restaurant and was the model for a photo shoot, and then to Koh Samui where even the rainy days were relaxing and fun, I found Roaming Man easy to use and always ready to perform. The time in between trips was not added to my bill (the company has a contact number to set up multiple destination use) and I didn’t have to return the device until I was safely back at home, richer for the many greeting hugs.

A big difference between the devices is how they are procured by the busy traveler. Changi Recommends have kiosks in all terminals of Changi Airport where one can pick up and drop off the router. The kiosks are well-marked and, of course, the information desk can steer the way. This is not an arduous task but is one more thing to remember when leaving or returning.


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Roaming Man, on the other hand, first pocket Wifi with FREE DELIVERY (send and return of routers) in Singapore. The rental activation charges begin on the date that you have specified upon rental. This is really convenient but precludes the option of deciding to rent at the last minute before travel. It also serves more than 130 countries with 4G data coverage.

Here’s what a couple of fellow users had to say;

About Roaming Man –

“Roaming Man pocket Wifi was my current favorite brand. I rent to my Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam family trip in October, the Wifi line was extremely strong and long battery life last up to 12 hours. I really surprised with the device’s battery. Highly recommend to small group travelers, multi-device users or businessmen who need a connection for laptop and tablet all the time.”

  • Sandy Sin Yi

About Changi Recommends Router-

“Easy to claim and the wifi is very stable. long battery hours and easy to return after use. I will use this service again when I get back to Singapore.”

  • Edylyn

Janiqueel enjoyed the freedom and ease of both devices. Given the fact that both offer essentially the same service for similar rates, it comes down to the delivery and drop-off. I liked having Roaming Man at my door but, let’s face it, I don’t always plan far enough ahead especially if travel comes up of a sudden.

Take your choice. You won’t be disappointed.

Roaming Man SG

Location: 101 Upper Cross Street People’s Park Center #B1-17D Singapore 058357
Contact: +65 6694 8588 


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