Shunji Matsuo curly whirly

I styled my hair for Grease musical show last Friday! Well I am glad my hair is more manageable now because of the cocoon hair treatment.
Zenn is my hairstylist who is very particular about hair condition. Glad my hair is in good hands.
Zenn used a curling tongs with wide diameter for the top half of my hair and a smaller one for the bottom half to achieve this look!
Instead of using wax to hold the curls, Zenn used Biolage oil to soften my coarse hair and hair spray. So the curls were very soft and bouncy! Love it! <3 
Can you see the black roots?
Zenn advised me not to color any extreme colors and let my hair recover from all the sun damage. See! Told you she is very particular about hair condition. Perhaps I can color my hair in the next visit. I am not sure yet. Will listen to her. ^^
I bounced on the salon chair to check out them movement of the curls on the mirror. The hairstylists chuckled at my silliness. They were not suppose to see that.
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