Shunji Matsuo revived my hair!

Rapunzel rapunzel let down your hair. And so I did. Unfortunately not the Rapunzel’s silky long hair you’re expecting.
My hair is naturally coarse, wavy and dry. Furthermore I went for a beach holiday last November. The sun must have zapped my hair moisture. Every hairstylist greatest nightmare.
6 steps Sherpa treatment

Sherpa products are mainly applied before and after straightening. It is a hair treatment line that not only prolong the effects of coloring, perming and straightening procedures, but also continues to replenish the hair with essential nutrients on a daily basis, resulting in healthier, shinier and manageable hair.

  1. Conditioning Mist
  2. Conditioning Milk
  3. Carrier Oil
  4. Nourishing Liquid
  5. Silk Cream
  6. Buffer Oil
The first step in rebonding is using the Sherpa conditioning mist & milk to apply onto the hair.

The conditioning mist quickly permeate inside, makes smooth & sleek hair and the conditioning milk creates tight seal around hair, makes moist hair. Exactly what my hair needs! Sherpa carrier oil works as a protection barrier, nourish and protect hair and scalp. 

Soft Rebonding Process for 15 mins using Cosmo Cream. It’s a Japanese hair straightening which Shunji Matsuo has.

The nourishing liquid can repair damaged hair and enhance the robustness and elasticity. The silk cream protects hair, improves repair effect and texture continuity which makes hair glossy with a satin silky touch. The Buffer Oil inhibits hair loss and ensures lasting hair straightening style.

I feel so pampered to have two person doing my hair!
That is Zen, my personal hairstylist. Look how serious she is at work!
Neutralizer for 15 mins. It locks the hair into the new shape.

After straightening my hair, I did the Curement Herbal Hair Treatment to lock moist and shine further.

The 3 step Reacted Type Repairment System
Curement Herbal Hair Treatment is a 3 step hair treatment imported from Japan to strengthen your hair and makes each strand more resistant and less prone to breakage. 
Repair damaged part of internal and external part of hair. Amino densturation repair agent (Positive Ion Repair agent) has high ability of absorbing to the surface of hair and protects damaged part of hair.
Change condition of hair into non-ion. This helps to prevent hair of getting damaged from UV.
Moreover it makes fine silky hair and helps Amino denaturation repair agent to last longer.
Protect hair by creating two layers of non-ion barrier.
Organic raw materials of Argan oil, 18-MEA, and PPT changes hair condition into fluffy and shiny condition.


Finale touch by Zen. A trim of my horrible ends.
TADA! Soft, shiny and bouncy hair. Boing Boing. 🙂 My hair needed A LOT of work therefore it took 5.5 hours. Straightening and hair treatment.

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