Suite Escape to Venice in Macao

Longing to experience Venice and all its charms, Cotai Water Jet takes Janiqueel to Macao

Memory’s images, once they are fixed in words, are erased,” Polo said. “Perhaps I am afraid of losing Venice all at once if I speak of it, or perhaps, speaking of other cities, I have already lost it, little by little.I

Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

“An escape from motherhood” The words ran around my brain. Don’t get me wrong; Mr. C is the perfect 30-month-old. That perfection though comes with a cost. The price is paid in attention, constant attention. Sometimes the perfect mother of the official child longs for a break – a “Me-Cation” far away from the hurly-burly of parental duties. For just a few days, to give up blocks and toys and counting games; to luxuriate in an exotic locale with new walls to look at, new food to savor, new indulgences, new TV shows that aren’t animated and that aren’t named “Paw Patrol”. 

Let Janiqueel dream for a bit. After all, it costs nothing to dream. Somewhere European sounds nice. Done London. Been to Paris, Loved Berlin. Need something really different. Venice! I’ve heard so much about it. It has no streets, only canals. There is history around every cobble-stoned corner. Venice! Dreaming large now. Venice!

“Venice’s St Mark’s Square was closed on Sunday (Nov 17) as the historic city suffered its third major flooding in less than a week.” (Channel News Asia).

The Venetian Macao does a variety of suites. All of them offer a bedroom area and a living room. So luxurious, eh? “One King-sized bed with a fluffy duvet, exquisite linens, and luxuriant coverlet.” Check me in! Yes, From time to time, I will leave that bed, that suite — but reluctantly. There is a 50” interactive TV with cable channels. I’ll bet I can find “Paw Patrol”, but I’m NOT going to try. I’m thinking RomCom. Bingin’, Baby. This is a suite escape. 

There is no shortage of dining and pampering choices at the Venetian Macao, but I must get out a bit – mustn’t I? On the water in a gondola — this is Venice after all…

The Gondolas at the Venetian ply the waters of the “Canals of Shoppes”. The boats are authentic and the gondoliers sing. Yes, they serenade the passenger who has found escape who has forgotten -if only for a few hours – the responsibilities of motherhood. There are plenty of photo-ops along the canal. Show your friends at home and explain to Mr. C that, when he’s a bit older, he can ride the gondola too and sing along with the gondolier.

Having worked up an appetite with all this Venetian adventure, it’s time to try the Canton – a signature restaurant at the hotel. Guess what -they feature Cantonese cuisine? Who knew?? One can build their own set dinner menu – 3 appetizers, soup, 2 entrees, and the main course, and a dessert. Here is the special set menu they have arranged for us:

  • Chef’s daily soup of the day
  • Peking duck with condiments
  • Fried prawns 2 ways with egg yolk and wasabi dressing
  • Pan-fried dumplings with vegetarian pork, wild mushrooms and truffle
  • Dessert – red bean soup with tangerine peel and black sesame dumplings

That’s dinner – Venetian Macao-syle.

At some point in the long weekend, beautiful stroll to the Parisian Macao, visit the Eiffel Tower, and dream-visit yet another European icon.

Then back to that fluffy duvet.

Research and writing help from JKJ.

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