The Best 20 Things to Do and See in Norway

Difference and authenticity in every inch of this unique destination.

Be open to things that you will probably get to enjoy in certain and specific places.

This is what Norway gets to offer. A place where you can catch amazing landscapes, unique fauna and flora, whale watching and breathtaking cliffs.

But, let’s not spoil the info before we take you to a previous of the marvelous things you get to see and do in Norway!

Here is a list of the Best 20 Things to Do and See in Norway!

The Fjords:

These are Norway’s stunning glacial rugged coastline with narrow lakes and valleys.


Offering so many spectacular rock formations to hike, also try cycling and climbing as well.


Stay in one of the 60 lighthouses along Norway’s coast. Either remote outcrops or fancy home comfort. All of them offer fantastic views, connection with the sea and unforgettable experiences.

  The Kjerag boulder photo by Scoundrelgeo

The Kjerag boulder:

This one wedged between two sheer cliffs, narrow enough for one person at a time with vertiginous views all around. Hike up through mountainous terrain.

Whale watching:

Norway’s Vesteralen archipelago waters are the spot for whale watching. An amazing variety of these majestic mammals that feed and swim there.

The Scream:

The best-known painting from Norway is shown in Oslo’s Munch Museet, with a version of this famous painting.

The Flamsbana:

An iconic train journey and one of the most scenic, spiraling down mountainsides, through tunnels along river valleys in the world.


A must experience! Go to the snow hotels in Kirkenes, which is the ultimate igloo where you are set to sleep in rooms built from ice. Obviously, this kind of attraction is fully prepared to receive you and comfort your stay the whole way.

Enjoy the Extreme Sports Week:

Hosted in Voss, takes place in June, and involves the scariest sports you can think of. Some events are open to all while others are left to professionals.

Go Island hopping in Lofoten:

A beautiful rugged coastline edge by white-sand beaches, former fishing villages, and red-painted wooden building line in the waterfront.

Norwegian specialties:

Dishes such as brown cheese, fish balls, and hot dogs, top-quality local season produce, cloudberries, fresh fish, reindeer, and salmon.

Hurtigruten cruise Photo by Arvid Høidahl on Unsplash

Hurtigruten cruise:

Cruise-liner, a supply ship, Hurtigruten routes have been running daily up and down the Norwegian coast, providing a vital lifeline to remote and hard-to-access communities.

Arctic Cathedral:

This modernist masterpiece built-in 1965, has the largest stained-glass windows as its eastern end and the most northerly cathedral.

Take the Floibanen:

A mountain railway with the best views of Bergen. A 10-minute journey and riding a funicular. Right at the top, you will enjoy the amazing view!

Stay in a treehouse:

These triangular cabins are suspended eight meters above the ground to also experience wildlife and spotting expeditions.

Northern lights Photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash

Northern lights and midnight sun:

The Nordic Norway, lies within the Arctic Circle making it a great place to view the northern lights and midnight sun.

Visit the Viking Ship Museum:

This outstanding museum has one of the world’s best-preserved Viking long boats and ancient artifacts, where you can learn all the gory details about the Viking habits and traditions and marvel at the jewels and treasures that they buried with their owners.

Hiking hut:

What about staying in a hut along popular hiking and skiing routes, that may not be luxurious but are incredible and comfortable.

Dog sledding:

One of the best ways to explore the wilderness heading out with a team of huskies pulling you across the ice on a sled. Ends up with homemade chocolate cake and a hot drink around the fire.

Walk on a glacier:

A walk on the cracking blue ice of Europe’s largest glacier. Snow crunching underfoot, clamber up the icy flanks, frozen landscape and even venture into a blue cave.

As you may see, these unique experiences and to build memories, are handed to you by a marvelous place such as Norway!

You can’t deny that having a blast in such outstanding places, will be a once a lifetime journey! Switch the chip to a more adventurous destination to immerse yourself in this amazing adventure!

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