The man behind Fantasìa by Escribà

Thank you Chef Christian from Escribà for the answers!
1. What is your inspiration when it comes to chocolate design and taste?
The taste will depend on who the project is for, the time of the year and how we will be eating it. Is it going to be eaten at a table or standing up a cocktail style? Is it a gift or is it for one’s own satisfaction? All these factors contribute in the decision-making process of creating the design and taste. Confectionery is magical. The choices are endless and gives me many possibilities, which is just one of the reasons I´m in love with it. 
The same happens with inspiration when it comes to creation. Lately I´ve been focusing more on requests. People don´t ask for specific pieces but they do ask me to create something for a particular event or situation, so I have to put myself in that situation and that is how the creative process begins. We always create something for a determine project or event. The biggest creation that we have ever made is Fantasia. I´ve never made such a huge creation in my life.
2. What would you say is your oddest habit?
I can´t think of any habit in particular. But lately I´ve been having a recurring dream. I´ve been dreaming that I´m overflying big strawberry fields, with chocolate rivers, cotton candy clouds and chocolate mint-leaf forests. Would that count as a weird habit if it´s been happening every day?
3. If you were to take up dance classes, what kind of dance and why? 
I would like to learn how to dance like the Blues brothers. Rock and Roll!
4. To what extent, would you go to get your dream chocolate creation come true? What would that creation be? 
I will do whatever it takes. There are no limits. My life is confectionery. I compare our job to what a trapeze artist does. There is a part of technique, there is a part of risk and there is a part of show business. If you put all these together you have a trapeze artist. This is our philosophy, and because there are no limits anything can be done. I think that the next show after Fantasia should be bigger and even more spectacular. Fantasia will always be unique because it is the first. The others shows can be larger or more spectacular but they will be different. Fantasia is the first show of its kind and will be part of history. 
5. Where is the next location to exhibit your chocolate-candy wonderland and why?
We do have several proposals and we are still working on choosing the best one. Our next big challenge will be to work with DJ Steve Aoki on his next concert around the world with exploding cakes. 

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