Tokyo Nail Lounge Bridal inspired nails

Tokyo Nail Lounge is a boutique nail spa located in the East. It was established 5 years ago by a nail artist named Aika Hattori from Tokyo. She has a boutique salon in Tokyo and last 5 years, she moved to Singapore for her husband’s work and decided to start up a nail spa here with a quaint, cozy aesthetics. You can relax and pamper yourself in our boutique salon while sipping away a variety of premium teas.


At Tokyo Nail Lounge, they prioritize good service, hygiene and good products to differentiate ourselves from the others. They offer a wide range of services for ladies, men and children and treatments as well such as organic gel treatments, organic Step 123 gel strengthener treatment and organic callus treatment to guarantee remove all calluses and cracks under the feet. The organic gel treatments will ensure that the nails are healthy and strong.
They believe in holistic living so we use only organic products throughout our services and treatments. They also offer aromatic spa treatments as well for the hands and feet together with soothing massages. They use 4-Step BCL organic spa which is a pioneer in organic, premium spa products. After the spa treatment, your hands and feet will look more rejuvenating and will prolong aging and skin will be healthier as well.
Even the gel lacquer are organic which is called SKJEL Organic Gel System. This is relatively new in the market but the color is more lasting and lustrous and the best part is very fragrance as a nail polish.
Even our products for clients to purchase are organic and is very effective such as for fungus and feet therapy balm (foot cream).
And most of all, we have a professional nail artist named Jenny who has 12 years experience in this fraternity. She can do any type of nail art including bridal nail art designs that anyone request. Her service is impeccable and being amiable is her strong trait. She is young and effervescent and highly creative in all kinds of nail arts designs.
4-Step BCL organic spa

Step 1: Dead skin sea salt soak

This naturally detoxifying sea salt cleanses your hand & feet, leaving the skin purified and hydrated.


Step 2: Sugar Scrub
This luxurious sugar scrub is a gentle exfoliant for your hands & feet.
Step 3: Moisturize mask
This hydrating moisturize mask deeply nourishes the skin as it smooths and conditions your hands & feet. 


Step 4: Massage cream
This smooth massage cream glides with an easy absorbency as it heals and protects your hands & feet. (Smells like heaven! Delicious!) 


I’ve fallen in love with gel nails because they last much longer than normal manicures. To me, gel nails are like an answered prayer especially for those of us who are always typing away on the keyboard. Normal nail polish can only last up to a week and would usually chip by then.


Jenny came up with the nail art designs using my favorite color, metallic rose gold for my bridal inspired nail art. I wanted something simple and not too many assorted 3D blings. And she nailed it. *pun intended*


Tokyo Nail Lounge is located at 217 East Coast Road #02-09 Tides Singapore 428915 (Underground car park is available).
You can contact them at 64400768 or email

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