VIVO KIDS – Mr. C Reports

Mr. C enjoys a fun day with his mom at the Cage in Kallang.

When kids are active, their bodies can do the things they want and need them to do. Why? Because regular exercise provides these benefits:

– strong muscles and bones

– healthy weight

– decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes

– better sleep

– a better outlook on life

Physically active kids also are more likely to be motivated, focused, and successful in school. And mastering physical skills builds confidence at every age.


To say Mr. C had fun at Vivo Kids would be to say the very least. He had a ball, and I had a ball just watching him figuring out the various obstacles that the course presented. He squealed, shouted and screamed in joy. I squealed, shouted and screamed in vicarious involvement. The lad takes an active part in weekly soccer lessons which he loves. “GOAL” is an all-too common cry around the house as he practices kicks and feints. I wear the title, “Soccer Mom” with a good deal of pride knowing I am doing my best to help Mr. C.

That said, Vivo Kids is something else again. It won’t take the place of soccer for us, but it will provide a valuable complement to football or any of the physical activities that in which the bouncy boy will take part. The array of stories, colors sorting, and intriguing obstacles laid out on the pitch offer kids, even those as youthful as Mr. C, exercise for the mind and the body developing a wide variety of skill sets. And he loves it! Can’t wait to return!

I asked Vivian Eng, founder of Vivo Kids about the premise on which the activities are based. She was kind enough to reply promptly offering valuable insight into the operation:

Please provide a mission statement for Vivo Kids.

Promoting the benefits of healthy active living and empowering the community by starting them young – showing children fun ways to enjoy sports and being active.

How are coaching team members vetted?

All potential coaches will all go through an interview with an extensive discussion on their passion or love for working with children and their prior experience (if any) in working with children and/or their background in sports. Potential coaches will go through 1 to 3 months of Vivo Kids training/probation period before we confirm or deem them suitable to be part of the team.

Specifically, what would my two-year-old or older children gain from participation in Vivo Kids?

Your child can most definitely look to gain physical improvements in their motor skills and physical literacy in Vivo Kids sessions. With the multi-sport approach, your child will get exposure to many more varied movements beyond a single sport focused class and this gives a more holistic development to the child.

With our unique play-based philosophy, your child will also be able to further develop himself cognitively and express his creative side as he navigates Vivo Kids innovative games and drills.

As your child attempts and is exposed to new skills, he will be able to build on his soft skills too such as confidence, self-esteem, resilience and his character too.

How are socialization skills promoted in VivoKids?

For the toddler class, they get to be part of a group; learning to play together, sharing, taking turns and meeting new friends.

For the older kids, on top of that,  they learn to work as a team and develop sportsmanship and emotional resilience as they encounter various activities and games outcomes (winning/losing/doing well at a skill/not doing as well as the rest).

We loved visiting Vivo Kids at the Cage in Kallang, but there are other places to go as well. Vivian thinks it is best to stick with one primary venue and set of coaches, but if schedules demand, it is possible to visit other locations:

  • Holland Village
  • Marina Bay Field
  • The Swiss club
  • Anglo-Chinese School Barker Road
  • Fort Canning Park.

LET’S GO!!!!!!

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