Ways To Make Intimate Relationships Enjoy More

The most important thing in a happy life. But unfortunately, as the age of marriage gets older, most couples have less and less intercourse. Many things might affect this, ranging from work stress, fatigue with cleaning the house to the hassle of taking care of children.

Tips so that the passion for the intimate relationship

1. Compromise love to find satisfaction in each other

Know and talk about your erogenous areas. When you know what you like, you also have to know the area of the partner. For women, in particular, men need direction to help you achieve orgasm, so feel free to give instructions.

You can hold the partner’s hand and direct your body part that can satisfy your physical desire. Don’t forget to do something similar or ask your partner which part you want to help.

2. Always remember how you feel for him

When you have an emotional connection with your love partner, the quality of your intimate relationship can become richer and deeper. Focus on your commitment to each other, feel and see yourself and your partner not just together in bed, but together in life, and it will increase your passion. Physical pleasure and healthy intimate relationships will exist between you and your partner.

3. Practicing vital exercises with your partner

If you feel your vaginal muscles loosening or your orgasm is too fast, you can do Kegel exercises with your partner. For women, you can ask for help from a male partner who supports his pelvis while doing Kegel exercises. Cenforce 150 and Vilitra can be helping improve intimate life.

4. Do something different in bed

Sometimes healthy does not always have to be done monotonously, whether from the style, appearance, or location of love. It aims to add intimacy and reduce saturation in monotonous.

Try a new lovemaking style or look for the sake of your partner. You can also do it in the kitchen or the bathroom for a wilder intimate relationship.

5. Exercise together

With sports such as running, hiking, biking, or just doing push-ups or sit-ups with your partner, you will feel more connected and connected.

Try to help encourage each other. See the results of the changes made by exercising together. You and your partner deserve to enjoy a beautiful body built together.

6. Adventure in bed

The easiest way to add flavor to your and your partner’s love life is to start learning some new positions. Luckily there is a lot you can try to put into practice.

However, just because the position seems appetizing or you need superhuman flexibility to do it doesn’t mean it’s more satisfying.

Of course, it would be nice to experiment with a maneuver or two once a week, but over time you will find many more fun and powerful positions to ignite your physical desire that both turn out to be easier to practice.

7. The most important communication

You certainly have no right to be angry if your partner never pampers you. For example, massages your back or asks you out for dinner if you never tell him.

One of the main reasons men don’t take the initiative to do something is because they fear being wrong. Women must understand that men also feel burdened by all the social stigmas that exist.

Intimate Relationships at Menopause

Finding new ways to change the fluid and good times, such as pelvic physical therapy or vaginal laser rejuvenation, also restores intimacy in relationships. Combining lifestyle changes, technology, and drugs can help maintain arousal by vaginal lubrication and changes in vaginal tissue.

Other possible tips include:

  • Changing physical routines.
  • Focus on warming up.
  • Use of intimate aids.

More importantly, a holistic approach to treating decreased libido must integrate medical and psycho care. Includes pelvic exercises, couples counseling, and holistic changes. You can discuss the problems you experience with an expert doctor through the Halodoc application regarding handling them.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Besides being able to increase endurance, exercise is a way to increase love drive. Regular exercise is the best way that can be done to increase libido. Regular exercise is balanced with eating healthy and nutritious foods, and getting adequate rest, of course, Vilitra 20 and Vilitra 60 is the key to maintaining physical arousal.

Also, create a more intimate and romantic partner lifestyle. Creating moments of intimacy with your partner is one of the keys to maintaining physical arousal. Show your love & affection to your partner with a romantic dinner. Say fun and romantic sentences to your partner in the morning when you wake up and accompanied by warm kisses and soft caresses.

Whatever happens, enjoy life with your beloved partner. Try to face and discuss existing problems with your partner to avoid stress. With stress, physical arousal will certainly decrease drastically, so you cannot enjoy intimate moments with your partner.

Try Something New

You don’t need to worry that menopause can reduce physical desire. You can overcome this by finding out and trying something new during love.

As we age, the intensity of having an orgasm changes. Maybe when you were young, you could have orgasms easily. It’s different when you are no longer young. It is a natural thing to happen at menopause.

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