What I ate in Tokyo

Continuation from The Peninsula Tokyo|Luxury Hotel

The first meal I had after I touchdown was Matsusou which is 5 mins walk from The Peninsula Tokyo and just beside the train station. I learnt eating in the open like that is known as yaka. I enjoyed the waygu beef there a lot! And I didn’t take any photos of the food because I was starving. Sorry about that.

Izakaya street food at Tokyo to kick start my #Japan adventure. #janiqueeltravels ??

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I had lunch at Sushizanmai at Tsujiki Market with my Japanese friend.

They have a variety of fresh fishes and I love it! Worth coming here.

Great lunch catch up with @chiemaedachie ??? Thanks for the sushi galore! ? #janiqueeltravels

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My Japanese friend, Chie-san, from Tokyo Luxey

I had dinner at Eggs n’ Things located at Omote-Sando which is popular for their eggs of cos. It is a great brunch place but I won’t recommend going in the morning as you will have to beat the crazy crowd and snake long queue. That is a pain in the ass. Enjoy drooling at the photos! P_20150904_210306 P_20150904_211206 P_20150904_211229 P_20150904_211259

Strawberry waffle after a hearty dinner ??? #foodie #janiqueeltravels #omotesando A photo posted by Janice Leong (@janiqueel) on

I had a simple lunch at Maisen とんかつ まい泉 at Omote-Sando. A set consisting of sushi, ramen and tonkatsu chicken. I am very lucky that there weren’t a long queue when I arrived. I highly recommend this place and it doesn’t put a hole in your pocket too. My meal is 1,700 yen. Calculate yourself.

I love #matcha softserve ice cream. My favourite. ? #janiqueeltravels #asuszenfone2sg #selfie

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I had dinner at Kizuna Sushi located at Shinjuku before my robot show.  The California maki is exceptionally big. Don’t you think so? I had the cod fish and more sushi here. Did not take many photos because I was famished again. Sometimes I wonder where all my food go. Hmm..


That’s a pretty huge california rolls. ?? #sushi #janiqueeltravels #shinjuku I’m excited for robot show later!


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