What I did in Nikko

Continuation from What I did in Tokyo

I wanted to visit Hakone but due to the active volcano, I decided to give it a miss as I will not be able to experience the whole of Hakone with many cable rides closure. Instead I visited Nikko via Tobu Nikko Station from Asasuka. Nikko is very easy to get to and a tourist information centre is available at Asasuka to assist tourist on how to go to Nikko with its promotions and offers.

En route to #Nikko day trip ?? Can’t wait to cruise lake #chuzenji ?? #janiqueeltravels

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A stroll in the park towards Toshogu Shrine

I pray for everyone to be healthy which is the most important to me. ?? #janiqueeltravels #toshogu A photo posted by Janice Leong (@janiqueel) on

Leaving Toshogu Shrine! Bye bye
The Shinkyo Bridge (神橋, Shinkyō, “sacred bridge”) stands at the entrance to Nikko’s shrines and temples, and technically belongs to Futarasan Shrine. The bridge is ranked as one of Japan’s three finest bridges together with Iwakuni’s Kintaikyo and Saruhashi in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Before leaving Nikko, we visited Lake Chuzenji. It is beautiful!

Taking a swan ride at lake #chuzenji. It’s cold and beautiful here. ? #janiqueeltravels

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