Why You Should Choose New Zealand as Your Travel Destination

Tena Koutou (Means hello in New Zealand’s famous Maori culture) wondering wanderers.

Considered as one of the most respected brands in the world tourism industry, New Zealand has a variety of features in its kitty to offer for a wanderer within you.

Be it the dynamic Maori culture, its picturesque national parks or its world-class skiing and surfing, New Zealand is nothing short of being an epic destination should you choose to travel. Here we give you more epic reasons to explore New Zealand :

1. Safety

New Zealand is considered safe when compared to many places around the world (Travelers must undertake basic precautions such as avoiding spotty areas, locking up your belongings and so on).

The first criterion that every traveler considers before planning out their travel to any country is its safety. New Zealand has gained a bonus point within the travel community in this aspect.

Travellers can feel comfortable to wander around within the cities of New Zealand easily without any fear of getting mugged.

2. Jaw-dropping Landscapes

The second Epic reason is for the photo buffs. The immense and diverse panorama of New Zealand is a visual treat to travel photographers. To be rightly described, this country is a treasure chest for landscape photographers. One can find genuinely fantastic scenery every nook and corner of this majestic country.

The southern part of New Zealand houses breathtaking mountain ranges, glaciers, and exquisite flora and fauna. While the northern side has a remarkable coastline, glow caves and numerous geothermal treasures.

3. Pump up the Adrenaline

The Epic third reason is specific for a particular class of travellers who call themselves as the adrenaline junkies. The list of activities that New Zealand has to offer under this category is humongous and breathtaking. New Zealand is a true adventurer’s paradise.

You can jump, hop, hike, bike, drive, swim, sky-dive, ski and so on! You name it, and then you do it!

Get to Queenstown for Bungee Jumping or head to Waitomo for caving and canoeing if not land in Rotorua for Zorbing. Plan to walk the nine great walks that are spread across the north and south islands of New Zealand. Some are mellow hikes that anyone can walk-it off, but here are the other hike trails with volatile weather conditions that challenge you. Either way, these trails are worth the hike.

All the strong-hearted adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts it’s time you pack your bags then chalk out your must do’s and head straight to New Zealand.

4. Lord of the Ring’s Middle Earth

The Fourth Epic reason is for those unique fan-club travellers. For all the Lord of the ring’s fans out there, a visit to this country is a must. Ranked as one of the best-known attractions of New Zealand the Hobbiton set and the locations where the famous movie trilogy followed by the hobbit series shot is genuinely awe.

The mesmerizing locations aptly define the reason behind Peter Jackson’s decision to shoot the film here.

Walking through these enthralling landscapes is a once in a lifetime experience a true traveller can garner. It’s a long and beautiful walk through the middle earth that Gandalf has taken.

A walk that depicts heaven on earth. You can choose to experience this by traversing the vast expanse of land located at various places in New Zealand through a guided tour or to just add a bit more sincerity to the experience you can dress as Gandalf while visiting these locations.

5. Wine and Cultural Paradise

Now for all the wine lovers and cultural travelers, the fifth and the final epic reason. New Zealand has carved a niche for itself in the world’s viticulture stage. The exotic vineyards can be found spread out across the country producing both the exquisite white and red wine. The connoisseur within you would appreciate the taste and complexity of the wine produced from the famous vineyards of Marlborough (Wine Marlborough), Hawkes Bay (Trinity Hill Vineyards), Central Otago (Northburn Vineyards) to name a few.

Maoris are the native inhabitants of New Zealand before the arrival of Europeans in the 1700s. This classic blend of cultures has a lot of enchantments to offer for all those culture vultures. It is interesting to get a chance to understand closely how these cultures have nurtured themselves to co-exist in peace and thrive at the same time.

In conclusion, New Zealand is a truly inspiring country. It’s never too late to grab a scratch map deluxe edition, book your flight and visit this vibrant country and finally strike it off the map.

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