10 Simple Tips to Deal with Postpartum Back Pain

As beautiful as having a newborn in your life seems, it sure does come with a few physical pinpricks that must be cared for with utmost diligence. The importance of an eased nursing practice cannot be more emphasized. We know this stretch of time isn’t all a bed of roses, but we sure can do certain things which will make dealing with postpartum symptoms much smoother. One of the most common postpartum symptoms pregnant women face after delivery is the back pain. Back pain during pregnancy is inevitable. Every woman has to endure this. However, a multitude of women still faces it even after delivery of their little one. Postpartum back pain seems to be sporadic, sometimes making surprise appearances when you’re at your happiest. But the good news is, it only stays for the first six months after delivery. Some women have admitted that it lasts as long as 12 months. However, this varies from person to person.


Before diving into ways to get rid of the back pain, it is important to know why it occurs in the first place. Postpartum back pain is just one of the results of your hormones going crazy during pregnancy. Your body releases certain hormones, namely, relaxin and progesterone, which loosens up the muscles for easy delivery of your baby. This very process weakens your muscles and ligaments leading to back pain during pregnancy, which may or may not make way subsequently.


These ten commandments are a definite cure for that annoying postpartum back pain:

  1. Don’t Bend It Like Beckham: You must be careful not to make any abrupt physical movement. This might be something along the lines of suddenly bending down to help lift your baby. This is that occasion of your life when you need to take things easy. We know taking care of the newborn is of utmost priority but you cannot afford to neglect your own health while doing so.

  2. Breastfeeding Posture: The posture you maintain while you breastfeed is of considerable importance to prevent making things worse when it comes to the back pain. Try not to sit in an arched posture. Avoid bending over (again) to feed your baby. Instead, bring her up close and feed. This is to avoid upper back pain from all the breastfeeding. Further, you can lay on a comfortable side position while you’re at it. That is not forbidden.
  3. Watch That Weight: Gaining weight is an inevitable part of pregnancy. This is nothing much to worry about if you’re being careful with your food intake and doing physical exercises as and when you’re able to. There is absolutely no pressure considering exercises. Sometimes a walk is all it takes. But if you had a C-section, it’s better if you just stick to walking. Before you do so, wait for one to two weeks after the delivery. You can also get a nutritionist to help you with a quality diet to take care of your weight. Certainly, don’t indulge in the leftover chocolates of the new birth announcement.


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  4. Lifting Woes: Another very important factor to keep in mind is not to lift anything heavy if you are suffering from back pain. You should remember this while you’re lifting your baby as well. Bend your knees and bring him closer to you when you want to lift him up. This way your back will be spared of any load and the highest amount of pressure will be transferred to your legs.


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  5. Mind Your Food: If you’re thinking about going back to your old diet routine after delivery, you’d better forget about it. When your body is recovering from pregnancy, it needs a heck load of nutrients and minerals. Organic vegetables and lean proteins are the way to go. Also requisite is how you keep a check on your cravings. If you are a chocolate lover but you also want to watch your weight, go for dark chocolate. This is a much healthier option.

  6. Sitting Posture: Paying attention to your posture is as important. This plays a significant role in further alleviating your pain or making it worse. Don’t stress your muscles too much. You might be in a bad posture without even realizing it. It’s imperative that you pay attention to maintaining a good posture throughout. Sit in a comfortable position. Take help of pillows if the need arises.
  7. Exercise: The importance of physical exercise simply cannot be neglected. It is not only substantial in dealing with your back pain but also to keep your weight in the check, which is again consequential in your backache. Everything works in relativity, you see. You are not supposed to start off with heavy lifting exercises of course. Begin with light exercises and stretching. You can make use of lower back pain relief products while you get back in shape.
  8. Ditch Those High Heels: Needless to say that when you’re recovering from childbirth, it is best to avoid high heels. This is again associated with posture. Wearing high heels does impale your posture, which is, again, really dangerous for your back. The strength in your ankles is likely to reduce because of hormonal changes and excess weight of your body. This means that your likelihood of losing balance and tripping over has increased manifold. And you wouldn’t want to risk this.

  9. More Pillows: Take help of pillows to help you figure out which position your back is more relaxed in. They also help in maintaining the posture which can be beneficial for your back pain. Also, use more pillows for support when you are sleeping. A good quality shut-eye really depends on preserving a comfortable posture throughout the entire sleep cycle. This is essential to wake up feeling perfect refreshing the next morning. You wouldn’t feel yourself dragging the next day.
  10. Relax: The amount of stress on being a new mother or mother to a newborn is insurmountable. It is worthwhile not to take much stress regarding matters at home and/or work. You are allowed to be a little carefree in these few months post delivery. Don’t indulge yourself in strenuous work at all. There might be times when you’re not feeling your best, both physically, mentally and emotionally. All you need to do then is take a few deep breaths and let it go. Practising meditation during these few months really help make motherhood smoother. To keep your energy levels intact throughout the day, have a light essential oils body massage.


Being a mother is, by far, one of the best feelings in the world. It is simply priceless. Embrace it with open arms and don’t let these petty postpartum symptoms get you down.


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