20 Best Places You Must Visit in Italy

Italy! What an amazing destination! One of the most romantic places to visit; wonderful cuisine and breathtaking sightseeing.

Museums, restaurants, castles, wineries, theaters, beaches, cliffs, sea, hotels, singers, painters, actors, houses, churches, ports… you mention it!

Home of culture, art, music, painting, even education but also the best-kept recipes for pasta or any Italian meal. Amazing cliffs and architecture, cozy places but also elegant spots. Kind and happy population and popular and historical places seen even in movies.

If you think of Italy, I believe you can’t help thinking of impressive places to see, beautiful people and amazing food. Just imagine being in front of a piece of history dating from ancient times, for you to admire and be a witness of World Heritage treasures. This piece of gold, located in Europe, is a “has it all” destiny for you to enjoy. Offers everything you need to relax or have a blast, there is no limitation for a well-kept place to provide.

Well, to prove you are not mistaken, and its popularity is well supported, here we list “20 Best Places You Must Visit in Italy”, enjoy the ride!

Photo of Florence by Ali Nuredini on Unsplash


Feels like a small-town Italy, even though is quite the opposite. Situated in Tuscany, has adorable avenues, Piazza del Duomo, its church, and Ponte Vecchio.

Amalfi Coast:

Certainly a trek, covers more than two dozen miles of coastline, also 13 colorful seaside towns. Houses numerous hotels and restaurants.


Few like it! Uniqueness is attributed to the canvas, carrying water taxis and buses. Its famous gondolas, appearing even in movies. Busty and surprising, but to relax, smaller streets and canals away from these famous places.


A must-stop on vacation itineraries. Globally renowned you will find an important relic from the Roman Empire. Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, best food in Italy, and the Vatican.

Photo of Cinque Terre by Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash

Cinque Terre:

Located on Italy’s northern Ligurian coast. Colorful seaside towns offers an abundance of awesome activities, boat tours, and hiking.


A famous countryside, offering spectacular landscapes, secluded villas and castles, house wineries, and superb restaurants.


Lake Como, a destination not to miss. Invites you to kick back, relax and enjoy the luxury of the region. Opulent villas, hotels, line the shores and beaches to sun lovers. Amazing lake’s surrounding hills to admire.


Has an almost mythical quality. The enchanting clear blue waters and black sand beaches. Also to witness marvel, highest active volcano or hiking in summer or skiing in winter. Also cathedrals and archeological sites.


One of the most delicious cuisines. The city is credited with being the birthplace of pizza, incredible art, underground tunnel, and chambers built by ancient Greeks and Romans.


A best-kept secret. a volcanic island with dozens of thermal springs and spas. If you are ready to explore, then check out Giardini la Mortella and Castello Aragonese d’Ischia.

Photo of Puglia by Massimo Virgilio on Unsplash


A rustic region is well known among locals as a vacation spot, but now starting to catch tourists’ attention. Has it all! Beaches, restaurants, castles, grottos, and forests. Also famous for the unique Trulli houses.


Home of the oldest university in Europe. Is also a food lover’s ducal, as well as the gelato university. You will also find the city boats and an array of terracotta-roofed medieval buildings.


Known for its Shakespeare ties, also home to several impressive attractions. To visit, amphiteatre and Reinassance Garden.


The best of both worlds, luxury and laid–backside of the island. Medieval town with ancient costumes and ancient ruins. Incredible to witness and live the experience.


One of the most popular beach resorts, white sand beaches, nightlife, hotels, bars, and restaurants. Major monuments and its miniature Home Park.


Equal on dulling and impressive parts. Well-preserved ruins of ancient times, also Herculaneum was preserved from an eruption, although a lot consider hiking to Mount Vesuvius jaw-dropping panoramas.

Photo of Sorrento by Tom Podmore on Unsplash


The land of the sirens in mythology, still charming and offers stunning views. Vacations relaxing and hiking, best to taste the authentic Limoncello and the perfect base to do trips.


Small crescent village was known as a vacation hot spot for the rich and famous. Yachts, swimming, diving and unwind.


Rich in art and history. Museums, forts, churches, and palaces. This port city boasts 13 funicular lines, expansive aquarium. Also for all the beckons to foodies, a famous place with fresh seafood and filled pasta.

If you read all of the available and incredible places mentioned, at the same time that you imagine in the most accurate way possible, then you can feel the variety that Italy offers.

Traveling to a place that will offer you a piece of everything. Own the opportunity to pamper yourself and give to you one of the best gifts ever.

The experience is worth it!

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