Learning about Earth at Little Green Warriors Eco Camp

To experience the basics of ecology and care for the environment, Mr C joins an interactive camp at an Urban Farm venue.

The Greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land.

Abraham Lincoln

When Mr C learned that he was going to a farm, he didn’t imagine it would be like this. Founded on the concepts of Urban Regeneration, Community Involvement, and Sustainable Living, City Spouts features greenhouses, a canteen, and a variety of food stalls. Its purpose is to show the community where food comes from and how it can be farmed locally and ecologically. Amid this admirable enterprise, we discovered the Little Green Warriors Camp, a half-day adventure into the wonders of nature – right here in Red Hill, Singapore – introducing the young environmentalists to the importance and interconnectivity of air, land, and water. 

Welcomed with a goodie pack continuing a groovy Green Warrior T-shirt, and three “DinoStaury” books with an environmental theme. Containing journals, worksheets, a mindfulness habits chart, and “Mindfulness Yoga” dice, the prizes showed the youngsters how being eco-minded can be fun, too. Mr C loves books, so the DinoStaury books were a big hit at the camp and at home where he “read” them many, many times. Each of the books highlights the perils of land, air, and water pollution and what each of us (even the youngest Green Warriors) can do in our own lives to care for our environment. As a parent, I felt great knowing that the fundamentals of eco-consciousness were being planted – soon to grow!

Without a dull moment, the Warriors day began with DinoStaury reading and a song and dance fun time. Creating and trading crafts and arts, the future farmers made some really nifty designs and then had the chance to share and swap with new friends and the friendly adult guides. Ready for some action, the group then walked together around the City Spouts farm visiting greenhouses and garden plots where food was flourishing. Like most of us city-dwellers, the connection between land, air, eater, and food is sometimes unclear. This lesson in the “fields” was a valuable introduction to what makes the food we eat. In keeping with this newly-planted eco-awareness, TEDXSingapore presented games and mindfulness activities targeted at water pollution and steps necessary to ease its effects.

Finally, it was time for DinoStaury to wrap it all up, emphasize what the Warriors learned, and cheer for the guides and participants. What had we achieved? 

  • We learned about water, land, and air pollution;
  • We saw empowering actions that make a difference;
  • We reinforced basic concepts to shape Eco Warrior mindsets;
  • We had A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!!!

Ecology is a serious topic, presented in a venue like City sprouts in a fun and interactive way, it can also be enjoyable as Mr C and his colleagues found out.

For more information, you can visit www.dinostaury.sg

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