5 Best Restaurants To Visit In Miami During COVID-19

Traveling exposes you to the diverse cultures, old-school traditions, and mouth watering cuisines. Globetrotters all over the world explore for one reason or the other. Some like to embark upon the natural aesthetics while others pay more attention to the architectural intricacies. For all the gastronomes out there, travel excursions are all about delicious food and refreshing beverages. Miami is the perfect destination if you’re someone who likes to try out different cuisines and wines. From the stunning high waves to the spectacular sunsets, you are likely to find it all here.

Here are the top restaurants in Miami that satiate the foodie inside every gastronome.



In case you happen to visit the Bal Harbour shops, don’t forget to grab a bite of the mouthwatering sushi at Makoto. The restaurant specializes in delicious Japanese cuisine and satiates the taste buds of every food-lover. Whether it’s the traditional robata dishes or the savory Japanese entrees, you are likely to find them all here. After a long shopping spree, Makoto comes to the rescue of your hunger pangs with sushi’s perfect indulgence. Not only does the place offer a top-notch food menu, but it also boasts the modern-style architecture with elegant seating.

After eating your favorite dishes, you must try out the earthy beverages. Some options that you dare not miss out on are Junmai, Daiginjo, and Ginjo. Along with this, the place offers the perfect blend of sparkling, red, and white wines. Make sure to satiate your tummy with the best food and top-notch surroundings at this ecstatic restaurant.

Cafe Creme:


After a long stroll session at the Upper Buena Vista, it’s time to head straight to the cafe creme for a quick bite. You can enjoy delicious lattes and chocolate cupcakes at this place. Also, the cafe boasts diverse options, ranging from fresh juices to flavored pastries. Make sure to grab a bite of the croissants and other bakery items as well. Other than this, the restaurant also has a top-notch backdrop featuring the perfect view of the shopping arena. Most of the gastronomes like to enjoy shopping right after eating out at this enthralling place. In case you’re looking out for something light yet fulfilling, go for the quiches and panini loaded with parmesan cheese and rich mayo.

Apart from the dishes, you can grab a fulfilling glass of wine from the beverages section. Try out the diverse cocktail recipes and take your liquor game to another level.



Most of the people like to grab a handy snack while strolling through the busy streets of Miami. Make sure to get your hands on the tasty and crispy tacos from Taquiza at Ocean Terrace. You are likely to enjoy the unique yet delicious tacos recipes that the chefs at the restaurant offer. Everything is perfect about the snacks here, from the mouthwatering stuffings like pastor and chicken to the crispy tortillas. Along with the tacos, you can grab some extras like guacamole and salsa. What adds to the taste of the dishes is the jalapenos and queso prepared with unique ingredients.Make sure to satiate your taste buds at this affordable and attractive restaurant located around the north beach.


One of the best things about the restaurants in Miami is the diversity of tastes and cuisine. Itamae speaks for the region’s unique food culture with its Peruvian dishes on top of the Japanese essence. The owners emerge from the roots of Peru and belong to the Japanese region. Hence, you can grab a bite of the mouthwatering maki and vegan rolls here. Make sure to taste the sashimi and tiradito as the restaurant specializes in these dishes. You might also consider trying out the meals loaded with traditional ingredients like Leche de Tigre and unique Pisces varieties.

To curb the hangs pangs after a surf session, you can go for the large plate that offers Whole Fish Jalea. However, you might need to wait for it as the chefs serve the dish only after the clock strikes 6 PM.

Amara at Paraiso:


Here’s the restaurant that boasts the culinary empire that comprises top-notch food culture. Amara at Paraiso offers the gastronome mouthwatering Latin American cuisine and refreshing beverages. You are likely to attain tranquility with the stunning waterfront views and turquoise waters. On top of that, the place offers sea-food like crispy octopus and empanadas to compliment the scenic views. The restaurant instills a blend of Caribbean vibes coupled up with Latin American culture within you.

Once you satiate the hunger pangs, it’s about time that you try out the unique beverage collection of this restaurant. Don’t forget to order the enchanting drinks like Hakushu, Suntory Tok, and Buffalo Trace. Also, try out the collection of Cachacas like Avua Amburana and Yaguara.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the best food, there’s no particular restaurant. Based on the cuisine and the atmosphere, every person has a different favorites list. If you’re a beach lover who likes to taste diverse cuisine, Miami is the food heaven. Make sure to get your hands on the unique food varieties, ranging from Latin American to Japanese and Peruvian. Also, try to couple up mouthwatering meals like enchanting beverages and spirits. You might indulge in the savory essence of tacos offered by Taquiza and the Japanese cuisine at Itamae. Also, end the food hunt with a nice bowl of sea-food and the spectacular beach views right in front of you.

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