5 Unique places to eat and drink in London

London carries an unmatchable elegance and antique beauty in all of itself. Whether you are a tourist or a resident, the place never fails to inspire you with its unique beauty and energy. The architecture, culture, landscape, and people of this beautiful city create the most welcoming and warm environment. But there is an unexplored and quirky side to this city that even many residents do not know.

London is the center of business and commerce, but most of all, a fun city. Companies always strive for differentiation to put up an intense fight with competitors. This helps them have a loyal and special relationship with their customers and deliver better to their liking. And the food landscape of London is no exception to this trend. Food joints fill the place with varieties from across the world, but with a little twist to give something new for people to not just taste but also experience. So, if you would like to experience the amusing and funky side of London, then its unique places to eat and sip in style is where you start. Try these five fantastic places that promise you nothing less than the best.

1. Bunga Bunga: Starting from its name, the restaurant stands for nothing but outstanding food and fun. The theme of the restaurant is Italian comic cliches, and the decor is a mad collection of everything that represents it, loud and clear. Bunga Bunga is in Battersea and derives its name from the term used by the former Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi`s to refer to his sex parties.

You enter through an Italian phone box, witness a gondola shaped bar and walls filled with murals of Venice. The restaurant also houses a stairway called Sistine, which holds the reproduction of Michelangelo’s work on the walls and ceilings.

But what stands out more than its decor is its authentic take on pizzas. Do not forget to try the “Julius Cheeser”, the flavors of which will never betray your heart. If you like a little bit of Italy within your reach, then join the karaoke nights that will introduce you to classy cocktails like “The Leaning Tower of Pisa” “The Colosseum” and “The Fiat 500”. Bunga Bunga is the cliche of little Italy in London you need to try.

2. Cereal Killer: Cereal killer revolves around a quirky vision of bringing to you varieties of cereals from across the globe. This East End cafe is bold, energetic, and colorful, filled with aromas of cereals from all around the world. They even offer milk upgrades including salted caramel and bubblegum, and just a little extra to top your bowl with some sweets and chocolates. This cafe is an epitome of cereal varieties and a fun place to enjoy a crazy meal. It is quite a place to enjoy your breakfast, although you can enjoy a bowl anytime now with its all-day menu.

Some unique choices you pick in the cafe would include cornflake chicken that is quite an innovative choice to pair up. You can enjoy Cereal Killer at Camden or its original location in Brick Lane Spot.

This photo of Archipelago is courtesy of TripAdvisor

3. Archipelago: Archipelago is a perfect place to have exotic food. Don’t let the moodily lit interiors fool you, for its menu is arguably the most unique and weird you will ever experience. Your cutlery is nothing less than artifacts from Indiana Jones movies, and your food is nothing less than your wildest imaginations served in a platter. While palms, Buddhas, and peacock feathers house the quirkiest of food you will ever witness, the dedication to making it quite an unusual dining experience is impeccable.

Your regular menu includes kangaroos, crocodiles, insects, wildebeest, garlic crickets. And if you would like to experience a slightly intense experiment, then do not forget to gift yourself a serving of smoked python carpaccio with some pan-fried chermoula-spiced crickets on the side. You can enjoy these unusual combinations with a glass of Courvoisier.

4. The Cats Cafe: You thought the crazy cat lady was crazy? Well, the Cats Cafe will introduce you to a whole new level of cat craze. Located in Finsbury Park, this is a family-owned joint that aims to establish Thai culture and cuisine in its own fun way. The theme of the restaurant is quite a unique take on Thai culture and rather a strong and bold one. You enter the cafe after you witness a tuk-tuk parked right outside the door only to walk through walls brimming with images of Kings and Queens of Thailand. The dark wooden furniture creates a rather cozy interior and reflects the culture of SouthEast Asia.

The fun part about the Cats cafe is, of course, the cats itself. You can find statues of exotic cats species from home cats to wild cats, jungle cats. The interior is unique and unmatchable in terms of creativity. The cuisine matches the authentic Thailand vibes from the decor, with its drool-worthy seafood delicacies including curries, fry meats, spare ribs, spring rolls.

5. Dans le Noir: The restaurant offers a unique experience to dine blindfolded, which promises to bring a rather sensual experience with your food. Blind waiters serve your meals, and what comes to your plate is a surprise for the evening. This Clerkenwell restaurant scripts its menu in a unique way guided by colors. So if you are to experience a red menu, you can expect choices of meat, whereas a blue menu would mean you are in for some fishy treat. This place offers you the chance to experience the richness of flavors in your meal rather than judge by its physical appeal. You explore the meal as you take every bite, it’s a surprise unless you eat. After a few bites, you can understand the intensity of the flavors, as your senses sharpen, and you will begin to appreciate every bite you take.

These unique places to eat and drink in London gives you a chance to explore the fun and crazy energy of the city in ways you never knew before. So, are you ready to ride the crazy food train through this gorgeous city of blissful beauty?

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