7 Dressing Rules All Men Should Know

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Fashion trends are always going under the various phases of transformation, and with the out-flow of all new styles, it turns a bit difficult to cherry-pick your preferred one! Advocating over the timeless and classic dressing styles in men is, no doubt, a wise decision. But exploring the ‘on and off’ corners of their fashion caters to a positive outcome. Ward-off the dilemma of what and how to match your style, as the seven dressing ‘style statements will surely make your pat your back!

● Wear a suit jacket with its matching pants:

Suits give a formal look to your entire silhouette—custom your outfit made in a similar material along with the same design. While choosing the style, your trouser should match the coat. For instance, it is the biggest fashion faux passé, when you plan to style your formal trouser with a sports jacket or a jacket of your any other suit! Also, never don on the coat more than its formal trouser, or vice versa. If so, then one will look ‘over-used.’ Thus, wear both of them together for better maintenance and apt dressing style.

● Prefer monochrome shades:

While dressing, you should prefer monochrome shades, as it streamlines your entire get-up and caters to extra height! Try preferring dark shades, as they act better. But never wear an all-black attire, it will make you look short in stature. While mixing colors, keep the lighter ones on top and the darker ones on the lower body part and to create a ‘lengthening effect.’ The same will automatically draw the eye to the upward direction of any admirer!

● Pair the right accessory with your suit:

The dressing is all about synchronizing with the trend by striking a balance. It would be best if you never opted to carry your office papers in a backpack, while smartly clad in formal or semi-formal attire. Gone are the college days! Upgrade your fashion related to accessories like a wristwatch, bags, and bead bracelets (if that is what you prefer!) And, not to forget your signature perfume! Use the various trendy options of carrying your things to maintain style and class. Cherry-pick your choice from a leather Attaché otherwise a briefcase, or a leather bag, well-known as a Messenger bag. Keep a note that the straps should not ruin your jacket’s folds, while you place it to your easy maneuver.

● Take unique pocket squares:

It is a wrong notion of matching your necktie with the pocket squares! Pocket squares polish your entire appearance and are a timeless fashion. And also, it helps in building a contrast on the jacket’s chest pocket. So, complement the color code of your pocket square with your tie, and not go along wearing a similar pattern. Be a bit creative while dressing up. It boosts you with energy and helps you to think and look different. Check with any good stylist or the formal men’s suit outlet to gather know-how on how to put in a pocket square.

● The proper length of necktie:

Wear the neckties keeping its length in mind. It should never be too short or long, while the fag-end of the same should reach till the mid of your belt buckle. Make a note of the tie to cover all the buttons of your dress shirt. It looks slightly awkward when you walk, and the shirt buttons are visible! It gives a proportion to the stature, especially to those with the lengthy torso compared to their legs.

A necktie ending above much above the belt buckle caters to a short torso. And with the same below the buckle provides to a petite body built. With the correct length of a necktie, you will look in proportion, with a well-balanced dressing style.

● Match trousers with belt:

You should never consider a belt as just a piece of leather. It has much more to do with your style of dressing. Apart from holding your trousers, it is a style quotient also. It adds to the sophistication of your entire attire. Match the belt with your trouser color. For instance, during summertime with a light-hued trouser, you plan to wear a light-hued dress shirt. You should ideally be wearing a light-hued belt to create a link. Too much difference in color concerning the trouser and belt color will make you look odd!

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● Spend well on formal shoes:

A great pair of shoes always complement your dressing style. It is the leading fashion accessory enhancing your suit or formal clothing. Choose your pair shining with elegance and élan. While walking, your passer-by will notice your dressing style by scanning you from top to bottom. And that is the reason why your entire attire should always complement each other. Never overindulge in spending over buying a lot of shoes. Instead, spend a handsome amount to stock your wardrobe with three to four pairs of good-quality ones with a higher price tag. Also, look out for craftsmanship and brand quality. Remember that fashion or style in none but an investment. It doubles up your confidence too!

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Following no rules in dressing is like slow poisoning men’s style statements! Men’s classic wear has stood the test of time and will continue to do so immemorial. Give the contemporary you with the seven dressing notions to emphasize your presence in the crowd! Experiment with your style, but follow the dressing rules. Keep yourself well-informed in this particular field and keep experimenting with your bravura.

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