A BALANCED APPROACH Huxley’s newest products 'Mist ; Sense of Balance'

Introducing Huxley Mists, the newest step to a minimal routine to bring your skin back to the perfect balance Huxley Essential Mist; Sense of Balance & Oil Mist; Sense of Balance 35 mL /1. 18 f l. o z.

Whether journeying through the arid Sahara desert or polluted modern urban cities, maintaining the skin’s balance presents many challenges. Balanced skin pH is the key to maintain a healthy, radiant glow. Irritated, unbalanced skin leaves it susceptible to environmental pollutants and an uneven complexion. Huxley, the minimalist Korean skincare brand, launched two new mists that help the busy on the go person to easily maintain a healthy balance: Essential Mist; Sense of Balance and Oil Mist; Sense of Balance.

Huxley Essential Mist

Huxley’s Mists are the perfect addition to any skincare routine. Huxley’s Mists have the optimal, slightly acidic pH balance and instantly hydrate and refresh skin . Plus they are packed with vitamins and nutrients from Huxley’s signature prickly pear cactus oil and cactus water extract. With a quick and easy application, the Mists can be used before makeup to prep your skin or after makeup to boost your hydration or spritzed on whenever your skin feels uncomfortable or tight during the day, with an ultra fine mist nozzle feature that evenly covers skin for a fresh and dewy sheen.

Essential Mist; Sense of Balance moisturizes and nourishes skin thanks to its micro sized particles of essence that are evenly dispersed through the watery formula. Its key ingredient, prickly pear cactus water extract, effectively hydrates and soothes the skin while providing extra nutrients not available in purified water. This essence Mist has been pH balanced to match the skins slightly acidic pH level, helping to restore and protect the skin s natural barrier and bring skin back into balance.

Formulated with an optimal ratio of prickly pear seed oil and cactus extract, OiI Mist; Sense of Balance rehydrates and minimizes water evaporation from the skin. The Mist can be used to enhance the glowing look of skin and makeup. This hypoallergenic bi phase mist is emulsifier free, surfactant free, and excellent for dry and sensitive skin. Carry the Mists with you daily freshen your skin on the go or bring it with you on the plane to keep your skin looking its best even in a dry, inhospitable environment.

Essential Mist; Sense of Balance an d OiI Mist; Sense of Balance will be available on huxley.sg and 17 guardian stores from 14th October.
*For more information on the guardian stores, please visit here

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