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Janiqueel explores the “Made to Measure. Curated for You” vibe of a unique fashion company in Hong Kong

I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful but also to reassure them, give them confidence.

Yves Saint Laurent

Jasmin Pang had a great idea and turned it into reality. Hark back to an era when high fashion emanated from bespoke tailoring shops, take the same sensibility to 2020 and make it available in-shop or online, and provide elegant, practical apparel to the sophisticated man or woman and carve a new niche in the Far East fashion domain.


Jasmin Suet-mei Pang – JSMP – had the idea after a successful stint in the business world where she a persistent yen to exploit her life-long interest in fashion design. In the heart of Hong Kong, home to the best tailors in the world, she saw a chance to provide expert craftsmanship to men and women without the usual time commitment and hassle. Shirts, especially, were commonly framed for male customers. Jasmin Pang thought that women deserved the same regard for custom tailoring and personal care. She found tailors to share her idea and a business was born.


But, as I mentioned, this is 2020 and the tailoring business and the clothing world have changed. People are busier, at least we think we are. There aren’t cozy little tailor shoppes on every street (except in Hong Kong). People in Singapore, Rome, or Nome, Alaska want as much fashion choice as fashionistas in the Far East. If you’re near Sheung Wan, you won’t regret a visit to the JSMP showroom. If you’re not in HK, you’re still in luck because the company is founded on the goal of providing quality, personalised fittings at the shop or online. Jasmin Pang comments, “All JSMP products are made to the exact measurements of our clients, and we produce and keep a unique set of pattern cutting for every client and style.”

Janiqueel asked if one could send in a favorite shirt and have it copied. “Yes” was the answer, although to be sure, measurements, in addition, will ensure that the new shirt is a perfect fit without individual anomalies like collars that are too tight or arms that are too short or long. Elegant perfection.


Grouped into three intriguingly named collections – Tale, Yi, and Essentials – the online catalogue is a great place to while away some time dreaming of fabrics and colours to best suit the line of styles pictured. JSMP is all about silk which Jasmin Pang adores. “I love wearing silk indeed. It’s extremely gentle on the skin, keeps you warm in winter and has a cooling effect during summer. I work with a variety of silks including sand washed, crepe de chine, organza, raw silk etc.” That said, cotton is her second choice and, again, a versatile choice for a variety of climates.

Janiqueel whiled away some quality time with the catalogue choosing:

  • From the TALE COLLECTION – THE CRYSTAL – a jumpsuit well-suited (pardon the pun) to the office, TGIF parties, or soirees into the heart of the night. I like the bright yellow pictured, but I’m thinking something in turquoise. Elegant fun!
  • From the YI COLLECTION – I like the SHERLEEN SHIRT- Sleeveless and airy, at first glance it seems so casual, but, in silk, it exudes an air of simple stylishness and grace. I like the navy blue one pictured and I could wear it under another JSMP shirt like THE CHING SHIRT, for instance, in off-white, please.
  • THE CONOID SKIRT from the ESSENTIAL COLLECTION would set off the Sherleen and the Ching shirts very nicely thank you. Structured with an outer cover and a lining, it’s a basic complement to any top. For my ensemble, I’ll go with a muted ochre and I will dream of tropical colors as I wear it.

I would love to visit the Hong Kong showroom in Central. Until I get the opportunity, though, I can dream with the help of the online store.

Great idea, Jasmin!


Research and Writing help from JKJ.

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