Aboard the Refurbished Voyager of the Seas – An Adventure Without leaving the Pier

Janiqueel explores a newly remodeled and refreshed cruise ship and finds it, well, ship-shape to say the least. 

All you need is a good dose of vitamin sea.

Without leaving the pier, Janiqueel and media partners had a marvelous day on the Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas. Yes, your faithful correspondent had been on two cruises aboard this proud ship. Since then, though, the Voyager of the Seas had been revamped from stem to stern. From port to starboard. From poop deck to the galley. OK, I don’t think there is anything called a “poop deck” on the ship, but you get my point, right? The ship has had a makeover. I noticed it right away as I approached the Marina Bay Cruise Centre. Once gleaming white with signature highlights, she is now a soft, iconic blue.

Fun Fact – It was an Australian repeat passenger who, on seeing pictures of the planned refurbishment, sent a message to Royal Caribbean wondering why the new paint job wasn’t the RC blue like her sisters of the seas. Thousands of liters of white paint now wait in the warehouse until further notice. The Voyager of the Seas is now blue. And she is beautiful!

Rooms from stateroom to suites have been remodeled to. New TV’s, curtains, carpets, bedding, and coffee makers have been added. On our “inspection tour” the ship gleamed and even smelled of fresh paint. As part of the “Amped Up for Adventure” motif of the refurbishment, recreation facilities have been added or enhanced, a “kids zone” serving toddlers to teens is new, and the spa and fitness center is ready to roll.

Highly visible are the Perfect Storm waterslide duo – Typhoon and Cyclone serve none but the brave “…with three stores of heart-pumping twists and turns.” Lifted on to the deck at the Tuas shipyard, these two thrill-inducers are state-of-the-art in the waterslide pantheon. On a cruise ship! Are you kidding? Nope. Once you have your equilibrium back from the slides-ville, it’s time for some full-on laser tag at the Battle for Planet Z. I’m talking glow-in-the-dark action here in Studio B. At stake is the claim to the last unclaimed planet of a far-flung galaxy. On a cruise ship! Completing the suite of unique fun features are a skating rink, a rock-climbing wall, and the FlowRider surf simulator. Yes, Yes…ON A CRUISE SHIP!

It soon became obvious on our tour, that with its refurbishment, Royal Caribbean hopes to appeal to families with kids. For the tiny sailors, the Royal Babies and Tots Nursery offers “specially designed activities for ages 6-36 months. Older kids can move on up to Adventure Ocean with fun and educational manipulative and games with a marine slant. All set for a chilling, and for getting away from the parents for a bit, the Teen hang-out spaces feature chair game counsels, karaoke, game nights, pool parties, and plain, ordinary chairs for chats and getting-to-know-you opportunities. Ahhh, to be a teen again – or a kid, or a toddler!

Despair not, there are countless chances for adults to relax and enjoy cruising the high seas aboard the Voyager. Bars, cafes, secluded spots, and (so importantly) a library and productivity room for the mindful and the workaholics on board. Cognizant that of a sound mind AND a sound body the ship includes a spa and fitness area as well as a running track. And then…oh, yes – a message! Ahhhhhhh.

Our tour ended in the dining room for a buffet lunch. I had paella and salad. When I finished, I had paella – it was so good! I’ve written previously about the joys of eating on the Voyager. The quality and variety have not diminished not had the sparking, attentive, friendly service provided by an army of help-staff.

I can’t wait to visit the Voyager of the Seas soon. Next time, though, I shall leave the pier!

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