Pushing Mr. C in Jeans and a Keenz

Janiqueel and Mr. C proudly by the streets of Singapore – and soon beyond – with a Keenz Air Plus stroller

The jewel in the baby product crown is the stroller. And if in America you are what you drive, then in Parentland, you are what you push.

Paul Reiser

I liked the looks of the Keenz Air Plus even before I saw it in person. Mr. C and I have it in black with a black frame. The whole unit comes across as unitized, functional, and (especially considering the features it boasts) compact. There are a plethora of strollers on the market and on the sidewalks and byways of our fair city, but the Keenz, IMHO, exemplifies modern design and technology. In my jean shorts, off shoulder top, and my shiny gold sandals. Complemented by my young passenger sporting a casual tee and jaunty cap while waving at all and sundry as he rolls on by, it’s a fashion statement!


Among the features:

  • My Keenz boasts the “…largest shopping basket (at 45L) in the world for such a stroller”. Into the basket, I’ve shoved my baby bag, a jacket, a shoebox (from Bata – new waterproof pumps!), and other bulky items and still found room for two water bottles, a sandwich, and kiddy cookie.
  • I’ve never paid much attention to the handles on the strollers I’ve seen and used. This one, though, is special. Mine is leather-covered! Think of the steering wheel of a high-end auto. It provides a sure and comfortable grip on the stroller – an important safety bonus. The protective bar in front of the child is similarly covered in leather – posh! The handle has release buttons on both sides which make for easy access to the child or a bed-like mode when the seat is completely reclined. I like to keep the handle area neat and tidy, but, if one wants to hang items it “…can take even 7kg load without toppling/flipping even when the basket and seat are empty”.
  • Even when loaded with kid and kaboodle, steering remains true and accurate – another safety plus.
  • The whole unit cleverly folds up into a compact package. Though slightly heavier than my last stroller, it is nonetheless cabin-friendly.
  • Like most strollers, the Keenz has a fold-down sunshade. This one, though, has two flaps that reveal screened hatches to keep an eye on the small passenger.

I think the reader can tell that I am enamored of my new Keenz Air Plus stroller. A real-life test of its utility will come early next month when the stroller, Mr. C, and I travel to Penang. This will be the stroller’s first trip, but, more importantly, it will be Mr. C’s first experience in a “big airplane”. I think both will pass their first test with – if you’ll pardon the pun – flying colors.

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