Accor wins Human Resources Excellence Award for Leadership Development

Accor, the largest international hotel operator in Asia-Pacific, has taken home the Gold Award for Leadership & Development at the 2014 Human Resources Excellence Awards recently held in Singapore. Each year, the award – given by Human Resources magazine – honours an outstanding organisation that recognizes, rewards and promotes employees from within, with a history of cultivating leaders in the company.
With over 65,000 employees at the Group’s 577 hotels throughout Asia-Pacific, Accor places human resources at the core of its strategy.
“Leadership is important for any organization, but it is especially crucial in people-focused industries like hospitality,” said Patrick Ollivier, Chief Human Resources Officer, Accor Asia-Pacific. “As the fastest-growing hotel operator in the region, Accor plans to open a new hotel in Asia-Pacific each week over the next three years. To cope with this growth, we expect to hire 25,000 employees, who will need strong leaders – over 200 general managers – to guide them through their hospitality careers. We have developed a number of best-in-class leadership development programs to achieve this.”
With Academie Accor, the Group’s in-house learning and development department, Accor is the largest hospitality training organisation in the world. Accor employees throughout the region have access to a variety of leadership programs to help them develop their hospitality careers:
Each year, up to 20 high potential future leaders are selected and enrolled in the International Hospitality Management Program (IHMP), an 18-month fast-track development program that helps prepare candidates with the knowledge and skills required to become a hotel general manager.
Emerging Leaders are invited to participate in localized talent programs that are designed to prepare high-performing supervisors for the next step in their career: heading up a department in a hotel in as little as 8 months.
Employees already in leadership positions are encouraged to continue to hone their skills in the High Performing Leaders (HPL) Program – developed in collaboration with Cornell University – which prepares 25 experienced GMs for senior leadership roles through face-to-face training, online courses and mentoring, among others.
“Our people are our most important asset at Accor, and it is therefore critical that we invest resources into helping them reach their full potential,” said Christine Rumble, VP of Learning and Talent Development, Accor Asia Pacific. “Our learning development programs are a key part of this effort, and I am honoured that our efforts have been recognized by Human Resources magazine.”
Nearly 45 years, Accor has constantly reinvented its businesses to keep pace with the world around it, with the goal of providing innovative, high-quality products.
Thanks to our powerful, highly respected brands, our employees forge lasting interpersonal relationships and deploy their unique skills to develop and deliver solutions that create wellness.
For nearly 45 years, across all brands and regions, Accor’s five core values of innovationa spirit of conquestperformancetrust and respect have been shared and expressed every day by its160,000 employees in Accor brand hotels worldwide. Managers leverage these values to provide support for team members as part of the Group’s ongoing transformation and development.

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