Aesthetics - SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Faux Mink & Silk Lashes - Re-usable up to 50 times! #Cruelty-Free Not made from Animal

SaraShantelle Magnetic Russian Diamond 
Faux Mink & Silk Lashes (SGD$33)
Re-usable up to 50 times @SaraShantelleOfficial

Everyone is going crazy over the latest and newest trend on how to wear Magnetic Eyelashes.I love it! It’s so easy to use that I can wear it in just 5 seconds!

The material of the lashes are so soft and nice.

It is made with faux mink, faux silk or faux fur material, it is 100% cruelty free.

It is not tested on animals and it is approved by Singapore HSA (Health Sciences Authority).

So if you are wondering, what is Magnetic Lashes and Magnetic Eyeliner?Why is everyone raving over these high-tech Magnetic Lashes?

Well, some genius, decided that traditional glue is just too evasive! People who uses glue to stick their falsie lashes on, will without fail, experience the “pulling” of their own lashes off, when they are removing the false lash from their eyes.  No matter how careful you are, the glue will always go onto your own lashes, and removing it can be a hassle, and even painful to some people.

Hence, the latest new method that just changed the entire eyelash market now, is using Magnetic Eyelashes. This latest technology magnetic lashes just completely disrupted the entire falsie lash industry. It is just too easy to use, no one will want to use glue ever again.

Anyone that have tried using magnetic lashes, will never go back to using GLUE. Glue is simply just too evasive, too sticky, too wet, too difficult to use. You need so much time and effort to put the glue on the lash, not too much or not to little, or it does not stick at all. Use too much glue, and then it might even enter your eyes. Oh my.. There is just simply so many reasons I can think of, that made this genius think out of the box and come up with something better. Everyone I know around me uses either falsie lashes, or eyelash extensions. Girls wearing falsie lashes or eyelash extensions its the “new normal”.What’s mascara seriously? In future, no one will use mascara anymore. Its just too sticky and wet, and troublesome. Too much effort!

Who does’t want to look prettier? We ALL do! So read on, to understand this new beauty trend.

So what am I holding here? It is a CHROME BOX of miracle! This is my latest range of beauty products. I used to only supply skincare, haircare, and bodycare to aesthetic doctors and spa owners (B2B Business to Business), but due to covid-19, I’ve decided to start selling some of my selective range of products to direct consumers (B2C Business to Consumers).

Supplying beauty products and machines have been my family business for over 20++ years.We are a PIONEER in the Beauty Industry in Singapore.

I’m holding a box of Magnetic Diamond Mink Lashes in my hands. Magnetic Lashes are so easy to use that you only need 5 seconds to put them on.Let’s talk about what is inside this beautiful box, and I will share with you on how you can apply it and put them on in awhile. Yes, we also have videos to show you, how easy it is, to wear these beautiful magnetic lashes.

SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Faux Mink & Silk Lashes (SGD$33)
Re-usable up to 50 times!
#Cruelty-Free Not made from Animal

– 3 pairs of high quality magnetic diamond faux mink lashes
– 1 magnetic eyeliner
– 1 applicator

HOW TO USE SARASHANTELLE MAGNETIC DIAMOND LASHES?2 Simple Steps:Step 1 – Draw 1mm-2mm SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyeliner onto your eyelids.Step 2 – Gently use applicator to stick Magnetic lashes onto the Magnetic Eyeliner drawn on your eyelids. The Magnetic Lashes will be attracted to the Magnetic Liner easily. 

Why do you need to apply 1mm to 2mm magnetic eyeliner on your eyelids? The magnetic lashes will need to be attracted by the magnetic eyeliner. Please ensure that the magnetic eyeliner line that you draw on your eyelids is thick enough for sufficient surface area to attract the lashes magnets, so that the magnetic force will work.

Well, that’s pretty common sense. The magnet on the lashes is already around 0.7mm thick, if you are going to draw a 0.3mm THIN eyeliner line on your lids, is it going to stick? NO, obviously not

Logicallyyou need to draw a magnetic line whereby the surface area of the magnets from the lashes, is able to be attracted to, to stick well.

hehe~ don’t be a clown okay? Don’t try to stick the magnetic lashes to “non existent magnetic eyeliner”. Silly.. I don’t even know why I would need to explain this, but yeah, SOME people do ask.. *Faints*

Video of Rachel using SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond LashesInstructional Video on how to use SaraShantelle Magnetic Lashes

– RachieBoo Beauty Bio – 

My girlfriend, Rachel (@rachieboo84), did an awesome instructional video on how to put on SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Lashes. It is so easy to use. If you have any questions about how to use the lashes, please feel free to PM her on her Instagram and Facebook page to find out more. If you want to order, please also PM her to order too.
Rachel is one of SaraShantelle Beauty Products trusted Diamond Distributor.

Simply gently tuck on it, pull off the magnetic lashes from the magnetic eyeliner.


  • It is much easier to use a oil-based eye makeup removal, to remove the eyeliner.
  • Our magnetic eyeliner is waterproof, hence, an eye makeup removal would work better.
  • Normal water based makeup removal, will work too, but oil-based removal, works more efficiently.

@rachieboo84 showing us the 3 different lashes from our Silver Chrome #VAVAVOOM Series


  • You may use SaraShantelle Magnetic Lashes up to 50 times, if you use it gently and clean it well.
  • Do not use oil based products on the lashes.
  • Clean magnetic lashes with clean damp cotton tips, after every use.
  • Like all other beauty equipment you use, keeping your lashes clean is extremely important.
  • Hygiene is really important, most of all when you use any items near your sensitive eyes.
  • Ensure, you clean it well, to avoid getting any previous make up residue.


  • SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyeliner Bottle – 5ml.
  • If you use our SaraShantelle Magnetic Eyeliner wisely, it can last up to 30 times or more.


  • Yes, you can purchase a bottle of Magnetic Eyeliner 5ml bottle on its own.
  • – It is SGD$14 for 1 bottle of magnetic eyeliner.

SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Mink Lashes Box
Silver Chrome Box Set – #VAVAVOOM Series(13mm 14mm 15mm)

This Silver Chrome Box Set #VAVAVOOM Series Lashes – our LONG lashes. It is most suitable for clubbing use, night use, influencers who are filming YouTube videos and Instagram stories, etc. #VAVAVOOM lashes are obvious from afar. These #VAVAVOOM series is suitable for models, actors and actress stage use. It is very good for female DJs who are spinning in a club too!

If you would like to have shorter ones, we have them too! I’ll blog about them soon!

8mm to 11mm
Our PINK CHROME BOX Set – #SULTRY Series will arrive in mid July 2020
PM our our distributors to Order

SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Lashes Faux Mink Faux Silk Faux Fur#CRUELTY-FREE

Okay, so before I continue, rest assured that all SaraShantelle beauty products are not tested on animals and it is 100% animal cruelty free. We do not test our products on animals.


  • SaraShantelle Diamond Lashes are all 100% cruelty free.
  • We DO NOT use real animal mink, fur or silk.
  • SaraShantelle lashes are made of faux mink, faux silk and faux fur.
  • – This means that it LOOK and FEEL like real mink, fur, silk, but its NOT from animal.

@rachieboo84 beautiful eyes..

Rest assured that MOST FALSIE Lashes are NOT MADE FROM ANIMALS. In fact, I honestly, do not know of any lash maker, using real animal mink or fur.Stop reading nonsense from the internet and believing every nonsense you read.

Its POFMA! Fake News!If it is made from real animal – it would COST YOU A BOMB!GIRL~ Pleasee…… *faints*
SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Lashes @SaraShantelleOfficial 

If you like a dramatic box set – you got to try SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond SILVER CHROME Series. It has lashes from 13mm to 15mm. If you want more natural and shorter lashes, its coming soon! It will be in mid July 2020. It is in a PRETTY PINK CHROME Box – SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Pink Chrome #SULTRY Box Set – 8mm to 11mm. 

Sufi @sufilaw wearing SaraShantelle Magnetic Diamond Lashes
PM @sufilaw to Order

@SufiLaw show you the simple steps of putting on SaraShantelle Magnetic Lashes

Reseller Nicole Wong @nicolewonng Showing how she wears SS Magnetic Diamond Lashes
PM @nicolewonng to Order
Step 1 – Apply the Magnetic Eyeliner (@nicolewonng)

Step 2 – Apply the Magnetic Eyeliner (@Nicole)

Look at how well it STICKS! 

This is pretty babe, Nicole, showing you how she is pulling the lashes, and look at how the magnetic works! It is strong, it will not fly off easily. It will be able to hold well, even with strong wind.

If you have any more Questions or would like to ORDER!
Feel free to PM any of my listed distributors above.

STAY TUNED for my PINK CHROME BOX #SULTRY Series to arrive..
MID JULY 2020!

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