All Eyes on YOUR Eyes - Hapakristin Offers a Huge Colour Range

Janiqueel looks closely at the colour potential of eyes.

“I’ve never seen such eyes,” he said almost absently. “They remind me of the first time I saw the North Sea.” His fingertips followed the edge of her jaw. “When the wind chases the waves before it, the water is the same green-grey your eyes are now… and then it turns to blue at the horizon.

Lisa Kleypas, ‘Married by Morning’

An unusual name for a line of contact lenses, huh? Hapakristin. According to our interlocutor, Lydia Ang, Overseas Business Team/Staff, for HapaKirstin, the name was given by the founder of Hapakristin who, with multi-ethnic heritage, wanted to convey a ‘one world’ sense to the brand. Message: Race does not matter. Manufactured with natural colours, and presented in cute and festive packages with fun mascots, the focus is on ease-of-use and practicality as well as vision enhancement. But, not to forget, this is about vision correction with a whole lot of F-U-N!

See the colours that janiqueel is sporting around Singapore these days – Shocked Kristin Green; Devoted Kristin Blue; Ahhh! Kristin Violet; Skip the Beat Grey; Shocked Kristin Hazel. That’s just the beginning. Want to see some more? Blasé Kristin Brown; Ta-da Kristin Grey; Oversentimental Kristin Blue; Good to be Bad Kristin Hazel. The colours and the clever, hip commentary goes on and on. Beware – choosing the right colour for you is NOT easy. But it is FUN.

Lest we forget that the purpose of the lenses is to improve vision as well as looks in a strictly approved medical methodology, Lydia Ang says, “HapaKristin uses patented PVA to create contact lenses, with superior moisture control and bio-friendly materials. All HapaKristin Lenses are under strict regulation of Korea FDA and approved by KGMP, CE, ISO13485, CFDA, US FDA, and TFDA in accordance with each country’s regulation.” The bottom line is that these are high-quality lenses made with top-tier science, that you can be assured are safe as you add them to your precious, beautiful, Cheerful Kristin eyes.

Based in South Korea, Hapakristin provides free standard shipping to Singapore and other Southeast Asia countries. They also provide free express shipping on orders over SGD60 too! Customers with sensitive eyes report success with these lenses and new colours and series are constantly being rolled out. Look on the website for exciting eye-popping events happening often.

“I’ve never seen such eyes!”

Writing and Research help from JKJ

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