Exotic Persian Cuisine without going out: SHABESTAN Home Experience

Janiqueel, yearning for Middle Eastern tastes, orders from Shabestan and is Delighted.

Ever since its inception in 2013, Shabestan has strived to bring the best of Persian cuisine to the people of Singapore … Curating refined Persian dishes in modern ways to make it more accessible to people to explore new cultures and cuisines.


Just looking at and breathing in the succulent aromas of our Shabestan home experience, once we had unpacked the multi-course meal, seemed almost enough. Bright yellows and greens, deep reds and browns, delicate tans and off-whites made for an appealing tableau on our table. As the aromas of Persian herbs and Spices wafted through the air, we appreciated the home experience with two of our senses, but couldn’t resist for a moment longer adding TASTE to our culinary adventure Chez Janiqueel.

Our choice, the “A Persian Dinner at Home” included MEZZE, MAIN COURSE, DESSERT, and DIGESTIF. Each was well-packed in to-go boxes and delivered carefully so that the ingredients did not mix with one another. 18 colorful and tempting boxes of food. Oh, My Goodness! 

On offer from Shabestan:

Mezzes: Persian Bread, Hummus, Shirazi Salad, Kash-e-bademjan, House Made Bread, Garbanzo Beans Dip, Cucumber & Tomato Salad with Dressing, and Eggplant with Mint & Garlic. 

And that’s just for starters!

One thing to keep in mind when presented with this feast, is to serve and eat slowly and take portions in small quantities remembering that there is a plethora of tastes and aromas awaiting in the next course. Eating slowly also allows for plenty of conversation (mainly about the food, in our case) – another staple of the Middle Eastern experience.

Main Course: (Sharing, served with saffron Basmati Rice), Chen Jen Kebab, Chicken Kubideh, Chicken Masti, Fish Kebab, Khoreh-e-ghureh-o-bademjan, Lamb Loin Cubes, Marinated Chicken, Boneless Chicken Leg, Fish Kebab, and Eggplant Stew.

Remember – small bite and portions – like us, you will want to sample them all while leaving room for more dishes and more conversion, too!

Dessert: Artisan Baklava, Sholeh Zard, Kunafe, Classic Middle Eastern Filo Pastry, Persian Saffron Rice Pudding, Dessert Filled with Nuts.

And to put the perfect cap on the adventure, Persian Tea, as we wound down the evening and matched what we had eaten with names and descriptions from the Shabestan website and our friend, Mr Google. Doing so proved to be large part of the fun.

Of course, we had plenty left over to enjoy the next day. As is often the case with leftovers, they tasted almost better the second (or third) time around. 

On trendy Robertson Quay, the Shabestan Restaurant is an appealing venue, for sure. In these Covid days, though, when dining at home often seems the better choice, The Persian 

Dinner at Home or the Persian Royal Dinner at Home are tickets to another realm of culinary adventure. 

And you don’t have to leave home!

Research help by JKJ

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