5 Important Steps to Find Your Art Style

Creating art and maintaining your personal style is quite a compelling job. It is easy to learn painting or writing. But creating art is way more than mixing paints or learning grammar. You need to identify your style, voice, authenticity, originality, and many aspects to determine your art style. Beginners tend to get confused and intimidated by such feelings. In most cases, even talented artists start doubting their skills and creations as they feel they cannot create their art according to their style. The good news is that you can always master these things with time. Do not expect them immediately.

Art style happens to be your identity. That is how you express your thoughts, emotions, and vision. It is what makes Shakespeare himself or Picasso feel like a Picasso. You can come across multiple online tutorials and books that can teach you drawing and painting. But no tutorial can help you to find your style and voice as a creator. Why? That’s because it is quite difficult to point out the exact steps to hone any style and thereby formulate the primary ways to develop it. You must know that there aren’t any predefined ways to grow your art style.

But one can look at the lives of the creators and famous artists around. You can take inspiration from their works and learn more about how they discovered their techniques and styles. If you wish to acknowledge more about how to find your art style, here are some tips for you:

1. List your three favorite artists.

As already stated in the previous lines, you need to follow the people you love to see. You need to list down your favorite three artists whose work mesmerizes you. They can be anything. You can mix and match and can also select 3-D styles like dolls or sculptures.

One of the first distinctions you need to make is that your artists should not work similarly. They need to showcase different talents and styles as you need variety here. And, you need to enjoy these creations and their styles. As you need to love these styles, it is advisable to only stick to three choices.

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2. Get an Image That Can Represent Each Choice Properly.

The next step you need to do is choose a particular image or creation that best describes the artist’s creativity. You need to choose only one. It is a tough one for you, but you need to make sure to do it. Take out some time and closely identify these creators’ works and select only the one that appeals to you the most. Choose the one that you feel you can invest your money for your home or you would love to collect one day.

3. Analyze More.

Did you think the previous step was quite challenging for you? This one is the hardest and quite challenging one. And, this is the step where people do not focus on in most of the cases. An analysis is quite essential for any work. When it comes down to creative art style, you need to

analyze more. Get some time handy and start scrutinizing through every layer of the image. The three pictures that you chose from your favorite artists need your time and patience.

Focus on each layer and study every aspect of these images carefully. Get a pen and paper and list down your observations. Every image offers you a central artistic element that mesmerized you in the first place. It tells you more about the art style of the creator and thereby grabbed your attention mostly.

Get specific as much as possible. Ask yourself several questions and identify what made you fall in love with this masterpiece. The more you analyze, the better you understand the little details hidden within these creative works.

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4. Combine and Create.

Here comes the perfect opportunity for you to develop your art style. Here, you get to combine all the elements you found in those three pictures and carefully utilize them to create your masterpiece. But here, you would be focusing more on the artistic aspects rather than the subject matter of the images.

Your subject matter must be chosen from whatever you love to create. But the style can get appropriate inspiration from the pictures you selected from your favorite artists. Also, they must not be a direct copy of their work. Instead, you need to reflect upon their artistic elements and combine them using your talent and skills.

5. Develop Your Signature Style.

Finally, as you continue to follow these steps and choose the elements carefully, you start developing your signature style with time. The style that emerges from such practices and analysis will fit you perfectly as an individual creator and help you grow and expand artistically. The more drawing you make, the more creations you identify and analyze, refine them and evolve with these creations. These can help you to identify your style and thereby help you to flourish as a budding artist.

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Final Thoughts

These are a few ways that can guide you to identify your art style. But as said earlier, you need to keep trying as these tips aren’t the perfect solutions. Keep trying and develop your technique with time. Take chances, take risks, and thereby help your inner self to identify your skills correctly. Become the artist you want, but be patient and kind.

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