iMoo watch phone Z6 is a Holiday (or any day) Hit

Janiqueel and Mr C have the coolest TECH gadget yet – just in time for 2021!

I see through my eyes; the camera is just a machine to record it for me. 

Juergen Teller

Sporting a high-tech wonder on his wrist, Mr C entered the world of wearable technology with a photo watch packed with fun and practical features and applications. Of course, its a ball to play around with, but it also provides the chance to learn tech and use it safely and effectively.

Besides its snazzy purple case and strap, what does the iMoo offer the young tech-ster? Oh, plenty – that’s for sure.

Let’s get started :

  • The iMoo comes in a purple or green colour scheme. Mr C chose purple with its pink accents thinking it was the coolest. Both colours are cool, though, don’t get me wrong.  Chunky and bold, the watch seemed to call out for a gnarly colour like purple. Set to impress, Mr C loves showing off his gadget to anyone who will share in the fun. Purple Pleases!
  • Also very cool in the flip-up feature that beings the face of the watch straight up to come face-to-face with the lad. It’s the first thing Mr C demonstrates when giving his ‘’tech tour’. Flipping the face enables both cameras. Selfie? You bet.
  • The band is widely adjustable to fit even Mr C’s three-and-a-half-year-old wrist. The product descriptions say that it’s appropriate for 4-15 year-olds. When he turns four (in March, can you believe it??) there will be plenty of strap length to see him into primary school and beyond.
  • Just looking at the squared-off rugged case and strap one is impressed by the hearty feel of this watch. Water-resistant for swimming the Z6 will handle pools and the seaside with ease, not to mention handwashing – MANY times each day. It earns an IPX8 rating which means it can be submerged to one meter without worry. The soft rubbery material wards off the inevitable bumps and grinds that an active young explorer doles out. Splashing and crashing with abandon.

Physical practicalities covered, what can the iMoo watch do?

But first, let’s see what it CAN’T do – don’t worry, it’s good news.  It can’t access social media, games or websites. For the youngster who wants to concentrate and learn what it CAN do, keeping its use uncomplicated and straightforward is a blessing. Needless, to say, it’s a boon for safety-conscious parents as well.

Some of the iMoo Watch Phone Z6 features:

  • With a 5MP wide-angle camera, the Z6 gives a real-time feel to video phone calls. Talking with Mama or Ama while out on the playground or helping with the grocery shopping. Ready for 2021 – this is the future in tech devices for kids.
  • “The innovative flip camera design simplifies video calls, you can switch from one camera to another from the iMoo APP while having a video call with your child.”
  • Using Google Maps, the Z6 features “Real-Time Locating” to help kids learn map reading and to help them find their way through the urban (or real) jungle. 
  • Care-givers can set pre-defined areas from the iMoo app. This will alert them when the child enters or leaves an area like the school, the playground, hawker centre, or a friend’s house.
  • Again, using the iMoo app, caregivers can monitor a child’s movement status and location providing safety and security for kids and their vigilant minders.
  • Setting up CLASS MODE for in-school hours means the iMoo Z6 acts like a regular watch, without complications, Allowing only urgent calls from the one who set up the mode. With the class mode set up, there is no way the watch can be a distraction or a disturbance in school. Teachers rejoice!
  • A sapphire crystal and anti-fingerprint coating ensure that even the grimy, sticky times in a kid’s day will not mar the phot ability of the high-resolution, wide-angle camera. 

The iMoo is a gadget that works easily right out of the box. Mr C loves it, and so does his mama.

Writing help by JKJ.

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