Aptly Named – Artisan Glam!

Janiqueel looks at a new range of beauty and skin care products from Taiwan.

Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin.

Zoe Saldana

I was attracted to the name right off the bat – “Artisan Glam”. Shuyi (I like that name, too!), Social Media Marketing Manager explains that the name comes from the company’s belief that every woman can be glamorous if she wants to. The carefully crafted products that reside under the Artisan Glam umbrella help a woman achieve beauty on the inside and the outside. Don’t feel left out, men. Every product represented by Artisan Glam is unisex. “Beauty/Skincare maintenance is no longer gender-biased,” Shuyi says so.

On a recent visit to the Asian Beauty Exposition in March, I was struck by the wealth of beauty products from Taiwan. Artisan Glam products are no exception.

We are the eyes of our consumers and we sniff out the goodness of Taiwan. Artisan Glam aims to bring premium, natural skincare that is affordable to Singapore. Our main import country is from Taiwan which we believed products are designed specifically for Asian skins. With a vast variety of good skincare brands raved and known by most Singaporean, we aim to bring these products closer to home. Gone are the days which consumers have to consider factors such as expensive shipping or worry about shipments lost/damaged in transit.

Shuyi says so.

Three companies, in particular, are the base of Artisan Glam’s product line – Naruko, Jing Cheng, and Forest Beauty.

Launched in 2010 by beauty guru, Robin Niu (or Niuer), Naruko offers products that are purely natural –  free of parabens, artificial preservatives, colorings and fragrance. Affordable and available in Singapore (thanks to Artisan Glam) Naruko has a series line for everyone to either address specific problems like acne or oily skin or to enhance the beauty of normal skin pommelled by day-to-day life in a tropical big city. Two of the most popular series are the Rose and Tea Tree lines. Rose tackles the problem of dry skin providing refreshing hydration. Tea Tree targets oily skin, acne, and sensitive conditions.

Also created by Niuer, Jing Cheng is a luxurious cream specially formulated for Asian women’s skin type. It is a “miracle” anti-aging cream. The packaging conveys a sense of luxury and high-end skin enhancement. The renewal blend is ideally paired with Naruko products to “moisturize and firm skin to achieve skin elasticity.”

Another of the most popular products in the Artisan Glam stable is Forest Beauty. Using natural plant extracts from Europe, Forest Beauty:

The Natural Botanical series uses and select natural plant extracts from Europe. The best selling mask comes from French Rose and Pearl Whitening mask (brightening and nourishing) and Edelweiss Long lasting hydration mask, a pre-makeup formula that allows makeup to stay long and firm on the face. The Bio-Cellulose mask series is another popular range due to its anti-wrinkle peptide. The bio-cellulose mask made from coconut water enables the skin to absorb the serum efficiently. In addition, their 24k gold and collagen eye mask is another popular range from forest beauty.

What’s in a name? In the case of Artisan Glam – plenty. In a short time, their products have proven popular with discriminating clients here in Singapore.

Products are retailing at major Watsons stores and online channels. For more info please visit http://artisanglam.com/wheretobuy/

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