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An online glasses supplier wants to change the way we buy specs.

Ishabal: If you may correct your vision as you like, why do you wear spectacles?

Tris: Because I like them. Because I have better things to do with my magic than fixing my vision when ordinary glass will do.

Tamora Pierce, The Will of the Empress

Glasses are expensive. Buying them is a hassle. I can’t afford to have several pairs. I can’t match my glasses with my outfits. Trying on ordering, waiting, and returning to the store can be a pain.

Voogueme has heard these plants and designed a site where trendy speck wearers like me, janiqueel, can browse, choose and design details while sipping coffee at home. Talk about spoiled for choice. The site has scores of frames to choose from. Many are unisex, most are bespoke for women or men. Here’s how it works:

  • Browse and choose the frames you want to order – this is the hard part as there are so many appealing frames to choose from. The options, though, are broken down into

    • Gender

    • Type

    • Material

    • Shape

    • Color

  • Choose the prescription type, and fill in the prescription information – this can be obtained from an optometrist after an eye examination, or from a previous visit.

  • Submit the prescription information.

  • Choose the type of lenses that you want.

    • Standard

    • Beyond UV

    • Photochromic

    • Polarized

  • Choose add-ons.

    • Anti-reflective coating

    • Super hydrophobic – easy to clean, water resistant, anti-reflective.

I chose Celinda Round Brown Eyeglasses. They are unique, for sure. I can’t wait to wear them to a party or an outdoor buffet or an art exhibition opening. To me, this style is casually quirky, not something that I’d wear to a more formal do. Given the reasonable prices per pair, though I can afford to have a couple of pair for various occasions. The cost will vary depending on the choices made and the prescription particulars. But expect to pay less than you might at a retail outlet. The sample provided – Sydney Black Cat Eye Glasses – totaled USD 63.78. Since the order was over USD 59, shipping is free. Below that it would cost USD 4.95.

In checking out Voogueme and pricing some of the details, I chatted with Grace, a Support Agent. She was quick to respond and provided relevant information. These chat lines are often offered by online retailers; this one really works! Thanks, Grace.

Welcome to yet another product you might have thought you wouldn’t see online. And, as your optometrist will tell you, “Seeing is believing.”

Written with help of JKJ.

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