Arimino Caretrico Privy treatment + New hair color

My horrible black roots were too obvious and something needs to be done! Scalp protector is applied first to prevent hair dye allergic reaction, irritation and dryness.
This helps to distribute temperature evenly hence the chemical process is more even too and the process took 15 mins.
Zenn colored my hair in 3 segments. The roots, middle section and roots. This is to ensure that my hair color is even throughout.
What I needed is speedy and long lasting hair treatment. Caretrio Privy enhances my hair condition and I can feel its rich texture by a simple, speedy process. Privy is a smart care system that enables me to maintain a beautiful hair texture!
The steaming process took 10 mins.
Matt Brown is brown with a tinge of ash green. The ash green is pretty obvious under white light.
I’m loving my new hair color! <3
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