A Bag-Lovers Dream Come True A & Saturday Woven Bags and Accessories are Trendy and Practical

Janiqueel loves bags, so A & Saturday is a natural match for her (and your) lifestyle.

Just get a bag and drop a dream in it, and you’ll be surprised what happens.

Charles Nelson Reilly

Yes, I love bags. A bag can make or complement any outfit. And to say that bags are practical accessories is to say the very least. So, It was with great interest that I delved into the bags from A & Saturday.

For one thing, I wanted to get to the bottom of that uniques name – A & Saturday? What’s that all about? Wanting to get the story right, Janiqueel and her resourceful chief writer, JKJ, went right to the source, founder, and creative director, Thada Thaweekuakulkit. So, why didn’t she call them “Thaweekuakulkit & Saturday”?? Not nearly as catchy, I guess. Unique, for sure, but NOT as catchy or memorable as “A & Saturday”.

As a child, Thada was called “A”. Funny, isn’t it, how those childhood sobriquets carry on far into adulthood. OK, that covers the “A” of the name. Born on a Saturday, the day’s name gave Thada a “positive, relaxing, and happy feel.” A brand is born and named! Like the name, A & Saturday bags and accessories are positive and happy – built for fun as well as fashion and carrying stuff.

Most of the fun, hand-woven bags come from Thailand although some come all the way from exotic Madagascar. The jewelry and other accessories are sourced and made right here in Southeast Asia. So international. So eclectic. So much travel fun for hose, like me, who can only dream of traveling the way we used to. Soon, my friends, we will globe-trot again. Until then you can feel good with A & Saturday products that are sourced and made under fair labor practices in small ateliers. Working directly with artisans, Thada and her associates (like her sister sometimes) can suggest tweaks and more major changes in patterns and fits.

I’ve got my eye on a new arrival, the Yoda Rainbow Pleated Tote. I’ve all seen many totes, but I have never seen one like this. Carry it around for a day and see how many people ask where you fund it. It’s something else! Many colors to choose from. Me? I like the “cool-looking rainbow” one. Yes, that’s for me! The wicker bags can be personalized with names, initials, or places visited. Have fun!

To add to the bag bounty, A & Saturday offers a plethora of dangly earrings in shapes and sizes I’ve never seen before. You won’t show up at a party (party-going, too, is just around the corner, trust me) and find another guest with the same earrings. That’s a guarantee.

I see the point, now of that name – A & Saturday. It’s odd enough to stick in the mind in a delightful way. Like the bags, and accessories – odd in a delightful way.

A & Saturday – GOT IT!

You can a-andsaturday.com visit for more about their products.

Writing and research help by JKJ

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