ZESTTEE puts health care into your hands - Accessible, Convenient, Discreet

Janiqueel has a look into how a home-based health-care company provided testing, advice, and supplements to promote the very best YOU.

When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.


As the name implies, ZESTTEE is all about putting (or keeping) the ZEST in life. For ZESTTEE that means empowering individuals to take control of their own well-being through testing, reports, advice and supplements.

What is Z-E-S-T?

  • Zestful. – both Customers and employees have a ZEST for life which translates into the will to make sure that one’s life is as healthy and strong as it can be.
  • Empower – Making more of an individual’s health monitoring routine personal and hands-on helps to bring mental strength to bear on the physical aspects of one’s health.
  • Simple – Making it simple makes it easy for clients who already have busy lives, to attend to their healthcare needs from home without adding more appointments, consultations, and shopping to already hectic lives.
  • Trusted – Built on a foundation of knowledge, openness, and privacy, the advice and supplements are explained in-depth with transparency that enables full online consultation and Q & A from the experts.

An important side benefit of Zesttee’s services when you choose to personalize the supplements with a free daily health assessment is the addition of well-researched dietary tips in the Zesttee Dashboard. Combined with the profile you’ve developed through the test and the follow-ups, this advice can be an all-important part of the over-all Zested regime.

Tying in with the supplements that have been specially chosen for your needs and the targets you and the expert have set through the process. Katie Zhang adds, “We also offer one-to-one consults via WhatsApp and in-person, and in these situations, we do give advice, but we always make sure our customers understand that there is no one-size-fits-all to diets. And, we always recommend healthier habits to implement, rather than a strict diet to follow.”

What to expect?

Whenever one supplies personal information online, there is that niggle of apprehension about where and to whom the data is directed. Aware that this is a factor, Zesttee strives to ensure security for users’ data. “… we apply multiple layers of security controls to protect access to data, including physical and network security, firewalls and intrusion protection systems.” What Zesttee have put in place is about as good as anyone might expect as far as personal data protection is concerned. Physical security, firewalls, access control, and encryption are all employed to maximize the security of information.

Furthermore, this information, gleaned from the home lab tests, include blood sugar levels, cholesterol, nutrients and toxins. As well as other health aspects commonly monitored. Women’s fertility, men fertility, sleep and stress markers, testosterone readings, and kids’ health reports. These are some of the many ways the reports and subsequent advice can be relevant to individual clients.

Once the tests are analyzed and the results are known, Zesttee provides advice on the next steps. Supplements may well be the answer. They are available in several configurations and can be accessed regularly through cashback.

With a brand new idea for these web-interconnected, Zesttee is an online, safe, professional, personal, protected service. That appeals to those busy people who want complete analysis without multiple clinic visits and consultation. You do it from home in your own time. That’s ZESTTEE!

You can visit zesttee.com for more about their products.

Writing help by JKJ.

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