imoo Ear-care Headset review Singapore

Janiqueel loves to watch Mr C sporting the latest tech from imoo – a headset that is fun and SAFE.

With nothing in, on, or over the ears, the imoo headset sits comfortably in front of the aural opening away from the eardrum. It’s a cleaner, safer alternative to traditional buds that bombard young ears with sound and collect impurities. I tried them, of course, before handing them over to Mr C who is now FOUR YEARS OLD! A bit mystified at first by the colourful oddly-shaped device, he quickly got the message when I played a couple of tunes for him and tried out an audiobook, as well. I think the kid’s hooked. Me? I’m happy to know he can learn to use technology safely. 

Like the imoo Watch Phone Z6 that I wrote about earlier in this blog, the Ear-care Headset is engineered to the nth degree. Most importantly, it meets the World Health Organization’s guidelines for the safety of kids’ eardrums. 85 decibels is a safe limit. That’s as high as the Ear-care will go. That’s loud enough to be heard clearly; NOT loud enough to cause damage even over extended wearing periods.

Janiqueel’s free advice: Adult earphones/pods/headsets can produce MUCH higher volumes. Don’t let them! Turn the sound to a reasonable level and give your older, but still delicate, eardrums a rest every once in a while. Take a cue from the kids safely enjoying every one of those 85 decibels.

Here are some more of the features to look for in the imoo Ear-care headset:

  • 16.2 millimetres is not much. For the width of the tiny speaker, though, it’s a lot. In a square grey housing at each end of the bright green headband, the tiny high-tech speakers give true sound for voice and music. Today’s magic word? AUDIOBOOKS!
  • With an IP54 (Ingress Protection) rating, the headset will keep out dust and moisture. That means they are sage in the rain or water sprays. Scuba diving? Nope.
  • 30 grams is not much either. That’s how much the headset weighs. That means they are comfortable and will stay in place no matter how hard the little tiger is playing. Another protection – the materials are all anti-allergy.
  • It seems like all devices are Bluetooth these days. The imoo headsets are no exception. With a 10 metre range, the transmitting device need not be right on top of the headset to work. Put it in your pocket. Strap it to your waist. Listen to your imoo Watch Phone Z6.
  • Eight hours of battery life mean that a kid can play all day (with breaks for snacks, of course) and charge up the phones at night. Before bed, she/he might want to listen to another chapter of an audiobook. Have I mentioned audiobooks?

Infatuated by the design and colorful presentation of the imoo products, Mr C, as he grows older (as, alas, he will)  will learn to appreciate the myriad uses for his etch and ‘phones. Both are a fun, safe introduction to the world of playful, educational technology.

Research and writing help from JKJ

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