Beauty. Thrills. Perfection. LE NOIR review

Beauty. Thrills. Perfection. If you want to see these things then check out Le Noir at the MBS MasterCard theatre.
Sometimes we forget how amazing human beings are and Le Noir brings this all back. People performing acrobatic acts that defy gravity with draw dropping beauty and production design that lets you escape for a couple of hours into a fantasy world.
From the opening reveal of the Le Noir troop with costumes, more at home on a fashion catwalk, then to the first act, an incredible aerial performance on a hoop suspended high above the audience showcasing power and grace, you know this isn’t going to be any normal circus.
Instead Le Noir tells a story. Each act contributes and builds on the story, the show begins with grace and elegance of the artists in white performing, simply breath taking acts of balance (note to self – must build core strength at yoga!). Some of the highlights is a hand balancing and contortionist act on top of poles that you can’t believe is physically possible, a spinning wheel act with the performer using the wheel as an extension of his own body in intricate spins.
Then the show transitions to sexier phase in red, highlights include a beautiful dual trapeze performance by twin sisters, high flying trapeze aerial straps with the performer defying gravity and literally flying over the audience.
Then to a more darker, emotional phase of the show beginning with a dance and acrobatic performance between a guy and girl which is both intimate and thrilling, also an incredible hand to hand balancing act showcasing strength and balance by two of the buffest guys you will see. The show builds to a climax and culminates in the Wheel of Death – say no more but there were screams from the audience as the performers skirt perilously close to danger.
Throughout the show there are intricately and beautifully choreographed dance acts by some amazing dancers who add to the feeling that this entire show is something special.
All the artists look amazing and to be doing what they love the most, the joy of performing comes across and the audience is enthralled. The performers are from a crazy collection of countries – Russia, Australia, Bulgaria, America, France, Mexico, Ukraine, Columbia, and Lithuania. Oh yes, by the way these people are ridiculously good looking and ripped – where do I sign up for the Le Noir workout?!

Written by Kendra.
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Special thanks to LIST Roma for the gorgeous red dress!
Thank you LIST Roma for the classy bling earrings! It made the whole look elegant!

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