Top 30 Places to Visit in the Philippines

Talking about an exotic destination that will allow you to encounter nature and fantasy. The Philippines, an enriched touristic yet cared destination, is still a mystery for many people and outrageous for some others.

Either way, it is a worth spending place to enjoy, remember and treasure. This enigmatic but vibrant place will offer its visitors nature and culture, mixed with precious cuisine and destinations to explore and have a blast.

If you are just exploring to see a place you would like to visit, or you plan to go for sure, or even if you have gone already, it is worth checking or re-check the places you can go to discover, visit or stay at!

Here is a list of the 30 Places to Visit in the Philippines:

1. Coron:

A small group of islands north of Palawan, beaches, lagoons, and lakes to explore by boat in very clear water!

2. Corregidor Island:

A trip to this glorious place is one of the best in Manila on a cruise to take visitors to this important and historic island, to walk around the ruins of forts and tunnels.

El Nido, Palawan by Ehmir Bautista

3. El Nido, Palawan:

Cited as one of the most beautiful islands in the entire world. With white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and limestone cliffs.

4. Iloilo City:

Centrally located in the Philippines, where you can experience the culture, arts, and music. The festival capital of the Nation.

5. Makati:

The country’s finantial capital. The most modern part of Manila is where you find upscale restaurants, endless nightlife, and shopping malls.

6. Tagaytay:

Known for its cool climate and beautiful volcanic scenery with many countryside restaurants and cafes to visit.

7. Puerto Princesa, Palawan:

Largest city on the island with one of the most spectacular natural wonders which is the Underground River.

8. Banaue Rice Terraces:

A spectacular sight, carved into the mountainside. With a high lush and green area, it is perfect to hike.

9. Intramuros:

The walled city of Manila dates back to the days of the first Spanish colonizers. Great cathedrals and sturdy defenses.

10. Cayagan de Oro:

The White water rafting capital of the Philippines. Beautiful nearby river with amazing scenic and rapids for all levels for starters and experienced.

Boracay by Laurentiu Morariu

11. Boracay:

A legendary island, one of the most visited in the Philippines, a place for big and outrageous parties and white sand beaches.

12. Siquijor Island:

Strange and mystical island, famous for its traditional witch doctors and local customs.

13. Sagada:

In the mountains of Louzon, the area is already famous for the way locals bury their loved ones, placing them in coffins, and hanging them from the mountain.

14. Cebu City:

Without the best reputation but has a huge amount of history, from Spanish colonial forts to capital cities, with a great cuisine!

15. Oslob:

Whale sharks! They congregate there and controlled swimming and diving with them is possible.

16. Malapascua Island:

With beautiful views and a slow lifestyle, you get the chance also to see sharks!

17. Bohol:

A short ride and one of the best places to experience adventure and adrenaline, famous for the Chocolate Hills!

18. Panglao Island:

A place to experience beach life, with many resorts to white sands of the islands where you can also find reefs and diverse marine life.

Davao by Lester Casio

19. Davao:

One of the largest cities in the Philippines, famous for its smelly fruit, love of Dorian being the highest mountain in the country, and the spectacular Samal Island.

20. Dumaguete:

A thriving University city, also one of the liveliest waterfronts is the place to visit! they are proud of their life and cafe culture like no other place. But you can find the natural scenery of the coastline with a chance to snorkel and dive.

21. Bacolod:

A place perfect for history, colonial ruins, and eco-park!

22. Romblon Island:

With incredible white sands and beautiful beaches, you can enjoy it before everybody knows this amazing and yet virgin destination.

23. Mayon Volcano:

One of the most distinguished and conical volcanoes in the Philippines. Activities include trekking and even quad biking around the base.

Mindoro by Jules Bss

24. Mindoro:

One of the largest islands in the Philipines offering everything from beaches, waterfalls, and hiking to resorts and nightlife.

25. Donsol:

A tiny fishing village is a quiet place diving with these spectacular species makes it a unique experience.

26. Siargao Island:

One of the most visited places in the Philippines with huge waves, spectacular beaches, and islands.

27. Tablas:

The largest Island and quiet, lazy and beautiful! You can enjoy days on the beach or just lay down and live the moment, quiet and relaxed.

28. Mount Pinatubo:

With a history of eruption, and is one of the most impressive, with a beautiful huge lake.

29. Batanes:

One of the last frontiers not so overloaded with tourists. It is really far off but is like no other place in the country.

30. Camiguin:

It is known as the island borne of fire. Volcanic rock is a breathtaking place to visit. Also one of the whitest sand beaches in the Philippines.

As you can see, the Philippines is still a place that will offer us to dive, and be completely depth in nature and amazing places! I believe there is a perfect balance between city life and absolute nature. A place that almost needs no introduction but at the same time shows this jewel just as it is…perfect!

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