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As we had said before if we were shaken up this much such as being incommunicado, we should be grateful, first to be alive and then to come back, maybe baby steps but finally doing it, to our everyday lives and lifestyles.  Pleasures, such as traveling again, should be taken with joy and gratefulness, especially for those who are fond of it. 

So, places like Myanmar that are not on a regular bucket list, are a must-do and go to!
Let’s take a look at these 40 places that you have to visit once you get there!

Sule Pagoda:

A Burmese stupa surrounded by various structures of historical, business,  and cultural importance and significance. Devotees from around the world come to this place once a year or more. 

Mount Popa:

Not only an ancient extinct volcano but the most religious tourist attraction. How not to! Home to 37 temples and a sacred place to the Burmese.

Photo of Chaukhtatgyi Paya by renown travel

Chaukhtatgyi Paya:

The largest and most revered statues of Buddha! Huge and amazing in every detail of this statue. 

Shwedagon Pagoda:

The most sacred Buddhist attraction, among locals and tourists. Amazing structure, hundreds of gold plates, and diamonds!

Bagan Golden Palace:

The golden sight and tranquil appeal, let the visitors get an insight into the original, and how it functioned!

Inle Lake Floating Gardens by The Lost Passport

Inle Lake Floating Gardens:

One of the most stunning places for its blue water and majestic hills! The second-largest fresh-water lake.

Kakku Pagodas:

An OMG place! Get to see these complex ancient houses small pagodas, in which the central pagoda raises 40 m high!

Mandalay Palace:

The last architectural marvel built by Burmese Royals. The complex with more than a dozen buildings includes audience halls, throne halls, a court building, a monastery a watchtower, a library, a tooth relic building, etc.

Ngapali Beach:

This is one of the most serene beaches in Asia with a trip to the stunning Ngapali Beach. There are turquoise waters, incredible white soft sand, and the best sea scenery to spot!


This old hill station offers an unimaginable scene like heaven has brought you a piece of it, enjoy the climate and view!

Macleod Island:

An unspoiled secluded serene destination. Enjoy a beach holiday from the madness of the city! Dive, snorkel, fish, kayak, and water sport in there as much as you like!

Thannboddhay Paya:

Features the hundreds of images of seated Buddhas! A pagoda a complex with impressive architecture!

Kandawgyi Park:

Offers a tranquil retreat and one of the most serene places in Myanmar, this garden is home to several tropical gardens, restaurants, recreation centers, and also a mini zoo.


One of the unique places with a bunker-like structure! located on a small hill and houses along sprawling! A breathtaking most pic material! 

Bodhi Tataun:

It is renowned for its more than 1000 Buddha, including the third tallest in the world!

Taukkyan War Cemetery:

Memorial dedicated to allied soldiers who died during Worl War II. An impressive yet solemn place to honor those who fought. 

Maha Bandoola Garden:

Located close to popular attractions, named after the Burmese leader and freedom fighter.

Photo of Mingun Temple by Luxury Myanmar River Cruises

Mingun Temple:

A massive but incomplete white pagoda, was meant to be the largest pagoda. It still serves as one of the most famous worship places.

Thatbyinnyu Temple:

An ancient 12th-century Buddhist temple built during the reign of king Alaungs. Also considered one of the most revered places in Myanmar with classical architecture. 

Htilominlo Temple:

It is one of the most majestic places to visit! Marvelous brick structure with white carved stuccos, shocking architectural job and surrounded by big trees. 

Nga Htat Gyi Pagoda:

One of the most cherished statues of 16-meter high with a unique and grandeur. 

Myanmar Gems Museum:

Home to a huge collection of gems such as rubies, pearls, jade, sapphires, and others. 

Kyauk Daw Kyi:

A 37 feet tall sculpture, the most fascinating place to visit! Made out of one single piece of marble!

Schwenandaw Monastery:

Wooden architecture, a very finely carved teak wooden monastery. Given the name of Golden Palace monastery. Simply majestic.

Kuthodaw Pagoda:

The most impressive place, with spectacular architecture, and appearance. 729 shrines, each holding Buddhist teaching!

Snake Pagoda:

Time to overcome any kind of fear or phobia! A must-see place that is home to several large pythons who live around the Buddha statue. 

Photo Ananda Temple by Vincent Dörig

Ananda Temple:

This majestic place, amazes people from around the world for its marvelous architecture and peaceful ambiance. 

Dhammayangyi Temple:

Appears like an ancient temple, one of the most attractive places to see and visit! Surrounded by mystical land outstanding from a distance.

Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue:

The last Jewish house of worship. a splendid place to visit carries both spiritual and religious significance!

Shwezigon Pagoda:

One of the most ancient places, served as the prototype of other stupas, also has several beautiful smaller temples!

Sulamani Temple:

Outstanding and remarkable place to see. You will never forget the experience of such a place in the middle of green trees that resembles a crown.

Nathlaung Kyaung Temple:

The only surviving Hindu Temple and one of the oldest and most visited places.

Gubyaukgyi Temple:

This architectural jewel, makes it one of the most appealing tourist places there. Pictures and selfies will not be enough to capture such magnificence. 

Upali Thein:

Even though the building remains now close to preserve the ancient and precious artworks, you still can witness the perfection of the place.

Manuha Temple:

Enjoy a holistic experience at the same time that you get the chance to visit such a unique place to pray and seek blessings from their Gods. 


A more conservative architectural style, but still an amazing spot to delight in. 

Gawdawpalin Temple:

The second largest temple, a structure with a height of 55 meters. Amongst the most astonishing place to visit.

Bagan Viewing Tower:

Another landmark that offers panoramic views, you wonder how perfection was able to be built in ancient times! 

Abeyadana Temple:

Reflect perfectly on ancient history and architecture. How imponent a place can be for such a purpose. 

Bagan Archaeological Museum:

Home to a wide range of ancient artifacts, literature, and paintings!

Purcell Tower:

Situated in the heart of the town, this unique tower holds a large clock created for the Silver Jubilee.

National Kandawgyi Gardens:

This dreamily, perfect and serene garden, houses a great collection of flora including exotic fruits. A beautiful place to spend with family loved ones or friends. 

Win Sein Taw Ya Reclining Buddha:

You will not believe the exotic and impossible statue till you get to see it! The world’s largest image of reclining Buddha.

Saddar Cave: 

Adorned with hundreds of Buddhist statues, incredible rock formations, and an azure lagoon! You just can´t believe such detail in each piece of it.


The biggest city, mixing architectural styles, modern skyscrapers, and pagodas or temples! 

A bucket-list destination that you might add to your unique places! Every building, landmark, space, spot, temple, or pagoda, will leave you speechless! There is no way someone can say that it did not blow their minds off!

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