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What Happened? How Did They Do That? Is This Real? “The Illusionists” at Sands Theatre

Illusion is the first of all pleasures. 


Just in time for those glorious days of June when schools are out of session and the long days of summer stretch before kids and adults like a warm welcome to fun and family. Both will be at “The Illusionists”  in June when the world’s most respected conjurors cast a spell-binding aura over ordinary life and invite the audience to set their doubts aside and enjoy an evening of enchantment unlike any they may have seen before. From traditional feats of legerdemain to high-tech trickery, “The Illusionists”, the world’s largest touring magic show, comes to Singapore to stir up wonder and amazement and provide a night of wild entertainment. 

Led by Master Magician, Luis de Matos, a contingent of six acts will be on stage to wow the audience with seemingly impossible performances that defy watchers to figure out just what on earth is going on. On a world tour, The Illusionists” is an international phenomenon first seen in Singapore in 2015. Returning now with a new format, new faces and new tricks, the show promises the same hard-to-believe action that has made it a worldwide hit.

Luis de Matos

A regular on European television, Luis de Matos has been part of the world of magic and illusion for most of his career. In his native Portugal, Luis produces television shows and 

Live performances that take magic, hypnosis, and alternative communication to whole new levels. Certainly, Luis is the master, but the retinue of enchanters with whom he travels for this show is well-qualified to share his stage.

Like his psychological mentor, the Great Houdini, Enzo Weyne employs teleportation as a platform for his unbelievable conjurations. Barely over thirty, Mr Weyne is looked on, even by his contemporaries, as the future of illusion on and off stage. A designer, Mr Weyne makes his show a spectacular treat for the eye as it stupefies the mind with seemingly impossible feats of magic and trickery. Watch him disappear!

Born in Korea, Hyunjoon Kim has been winning magic competitions since he was 12. Using only highly difficult pure hand techniques, Mr Kim takes ancient art to the next modern level. Try to follow his hand movements and figure out where his performance will go next. I dare you!

Sos and Victoria Petrosyan

Unsure of what to wear to the show? Take some tips from Sos and Victoria Petrosyan, world-famous quick-change artists. 16 costume changes in 120 seconds – try that at home! These two hold the Guinness record for high-speed changing. A designer of a line of clothing, Sos is no stranger to Haute couture. Undoubtedly this pair is the best in the little-known world of rapid costume changing.

In a word, ‘deception’ is the key to James More’s unique brand of magic. One of the first magicians to play on a New York’s Broadway stage, Mr More has played in the most famous venues in England, Europe, and Asia. he has even performed at the Sydney Opera House. No, he did NOT make it disappear!

With the sobriquet, “The Warrior”, Aaron Crow has done gigs at London’s West End as well as New York’s Broadway. Making him a sensation in the YouTube world, his fascinating act has transfixed audiences worldwide. With an empowering message to everyone who sees his shows, Mr Crow shares an aura of positive achievement. This is the ”feel good” magic of the first order.


Know as “The World’s Greatest Escape Artist” Andre Basso has brought his very special act to worldwide audiences. Now, with the “The Illusionists” he’ll be in Singapore to enchant us all. Winning the “Escape Champion World Title” – the youngest performer in history and the first Italian to do so. Be ready to be shocked by the death-defying situations into which he puts himself.

Are you ready for this? Yes, you are, but be forewarned, it takes some courage just to watch the amazing stunts that will be performed for you and your kids. You all will be talking about this show for a long time as you debate which of the acts were your favourites. Don’t worry – it is just An Illusion!



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  1. Oh my God! this sounds so amazing and massive. I love to see magic, I have never seen magic in reality but I watched it a lot on America’s got talent. This is super duper cool! I am freaking out.

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