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Janiqueel and xem Young companion check out this season’s hit musical and declare it stone-cold magic. 

To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.


Having recently seen Slava’s Snow Show at Marina Bay Sands Theatre, C (soon to be six years old) and I came in from the cold, wrapped and ready for another theatrical experience set in a frigid part of the world far removed from tropical Singapore just outside the doors. This time, we were prepared to see how the theatrical production of Frozen the film would stack up against this new stage production. 

This time we were about to witness the desperation of people (and their animal friends and helpers), locked into a winter that wouldn’t go away – a land facing the prospect of perpetual winter, NOT a pleasant prospect. To say that C was pumped up for the show would be an understatement. C and mom (that’s me, Janiqueel) had seen the movie and were enchanted. But now, to be in the same room with the characters we knew so well, felt to us like the magic had become real – right in front of our eyes. 

ANNA, C’s favorite character, joins mountaineer KRISTOFF and his loyal reindeer sidekick in a search to find ELSA, the SNOW QUEEN. It was she who cast the spell that made winter a never-ending frosty presence in their lives. Plenty of magic ensues as our heroes meet a comical snowman, and a host of mercurial trolls and other creatures who are sometimes, but not always, helpful. In the midst of this magical land, brave Anna and Kristoff personify the concept that right-thinking and indomitable spirits are a worthy match for the magic and not-so-nice attitudes of some people and non-people whom they encounter on the quest to make winter, although they appreciate its stark beauty, an ephemera that comes and goes like the other seasons. 

Following the success of The Lion King and Aladdin at Sands Theatre, Base Entertainment Asia, a part of Tremendous Entertainment, is excited to bring yet another Broadway and film hit to never-frosty Singapore. In those two productions, costumes, the stage set, makeup, special effects, choreography, and, of course, the singer and the songs all contribute to making Frozen a big professional show with lights and sounds, and music geared to make this production something to remember long after the audience leaves the theatre. 

It impressed us, for sure. In awe of the action, story, and characters, C talked incessantly about the experience. The next day, as we often do, we talked about the experience in all its aspects – theatrical, dining, and talking to other theatre-goers about the play. Everyone that we talked with was enthusiastic, to say the least. That enthusiasm comes from the play and the stage appurtenances, but it is the acting crew who made the evening something special to remember.

Sarah O’Connor, an accomplished actor from Ireland, plays Anna. In the role of Elsa, Jemma Rix has the delicious chance to play a truly awful character. By the way, she becomes less onerous as the play progresses. In the role of Kristoff, Brendon Xavier brings charm and a forthright presence to a pivotal role. Matt Lee brings Olaf to life. That’s just to name a few of the talented cast members who work as an ensemble to bring the cold, cold world of Frozen to the warm, warm, hearts of the audience members – like C and Me!

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