BLUSHBOSS Makes Online Shopping Easy and Fun

Making the best of global beauty affordable and available locally.

-the mission statement of BlushBoss

With an attractive, easy-to-use website and with customer satisfaction a priority, BLUSHBOSS is a genuine player in the crowded Singapore beauty products game. Curious name, isn’t it? I get the “blush,” but why “Boss? Company owner, Sarah Chee explains,

We chose the name ‘Blushboss’ because of the two contrasting words ‘blush’ and ‘boss’—the former represents a certain kind of shyness, like ‘blushing’, and it is also quite a feminine word and very apt for a makeup-focused company like us.

The latter, ‘boss’, represents the opposite—think ‘she/he is the BOSS’ or ‘BOSS of beauty’. We didn’t want people thinking we carry only blushers or specialize in blushers so we combined the two words and made it one: Blushboss 🙂

Clever, eh? And, like the carefully-chosen “,” it takes a bit of thought to remember. Then, like, it is forever lodged in the deep recesses of the hippocampus yearning for the opportunity to be used and reused at will. A marvelous thing, the human brain.

Do I digress? Let’s see … I was talking about … of course! – the helpful website.

What makes it helpful is the way the information, though multitudinous, is divided into categories. E.g. “Makeup, Skincare, Shop By, Brands, Gift Sets.” Under “Brands’ find twenty cosmetics purveyors, all striving to make janiqueel and her faithful readers BEAUTIFUL. Under “Shop By” are Makeup; Personal Care; type; and Brands. I know a librarian who appreciates the beauty (pun intended) of organization like this. He would call the Blushboss website an IBO – Information Bearing Object. A further scan of the front page reveals a “Sort By” window where one can search alphabetically, chronologically, by best sellers, or “featured.” This is a model for online shopping, especially in the realm of cosmetics where sheer numbers can sometimes take the fun out of the pleasant task of shopping. Kudos, Sarah Chee. You and your staff have succeeded in building a shopping website that works.


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The website succeeds because it is aware of the customer. This philosophy underlies Blush Boss.

We are very customer-feedback focused so customer service and relationships are something we prioritize. We don’t collect feedback for fun, we take them seriously and if our customers want a particular product or brand, we always look into it and explore possibilities of partnering with that brand. I personally am also guilty of being a massive beauty junkie, so I’m on always on top beauty trends and that helps!

Hot sellers as of this writing are Glossier, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Grounded Body Scrub and RCMA. I’m eager to try them all AND Viseart 05 Sultry Muse Eyeshadow Palette. “Sultry.” can’t resist.

Blushboss is a gift for the cosmetics consumer. In one efficient space, it presents a compendium of the dizzying array products on the market.

I’ve tried it. I like it. Have a look. It is a beautiful thing – BLUSHBOSS.COM

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