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Janiqueel takes a close look at an antioxidant routine born of a prickly pear.

Dream in a pragmatic way. – Aldous Huxley

Dream of newer, softer more supple skin. To be pragmatic about it, try the unique products with a unique name – Huxley – saving you a slog through the Sahara Desert to find prickly pears then mashing them for the oil. Use the ready-made products from Huxley Janiqueel will first have a look at the “routines” recommended to make the most of their healing, hydrating, anti-oxidation properties. Along the way, I’ll engage the responses of Takeshi Todoroki, Co-founder and CMO for Huxley Singapore

The Huxley products and the routines that employ them are based on the cleansing, hydrating, antioxidation properties of prickly pear oil. Takeshi explains, “Prickly pear seed oil is non-comedogenic, which means it does not clog pores and deeply penetrates the skin without causing a breakout. In the humid and hot weather in Singapore, people are scared about using facial oil, but it is very light textured oil which is safe to use every night.”


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For removing makeup and replenishing moisture, the CLEANSING ROUTINE involves two Huxley products, each representative of the rich and varied Huxley line.  CLEANSING WATER – “Be clean Be moist” gently (a word Huxley uses often) removes makeup and other impurities encountered in big-city life. It contains an impressive list of ingredients – prickly pear oil; hyaluronic acid; orange/lemon; Centella Asiatica extract; and Betula alba bud extract. With an impressive pedigree like that, it must be effective. Follow that with a gently-applied dab of CLEANSING GEL. Again, the emphasis is on moisturizing and replenishing. After the routine, the skin, according to the blurb feels soft and supple, not tight as is the case after harsher treatments. CLEANSING OIL and CLEANSING FOAM are part of the DEEP CLEANSING ROUTINE. Your face will be clean!

To say the Huxley products are well-thought-out and expertly presented is to say the very least. A list of other routines developed by the Korean company makes the point:

  • Hydration;

  • Antioxidant;

  • Extra moisture;

  • Brightening;

  • Spa;

  • Sheet mask;

  • Sun;

  • Body.

And/or visit the cozy, trendy store on  42A Club Street to touch all the Huxley products, then have a nice drink with your friend while poring over the extensive product line at

Then, and this is the hard part, decide what routine you want to start with and indulge in the fine art of self-love in the process.

Be assured that the products, according to Takeshi, are fairly sourced and produced. He explains, “…we only do business with raw material companies guarantee that they are supporting local suppliers with a reasonable and fair price for their services.” The process is certified by Ecocert, an inspection organization ensuring sustainable development in a plethora of modern products. In short, the consumer can feel good about buying and using Huxley products.

Feeling Good. Looking Good.

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